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    Awdboost reacted to Inky in where to sen K-1 Aos ??   
    Did you read the instructions? because it clearly lists where to send the AOS package. If you have not read them you should read them. You may have missed other very important information just like the mailing address.
    Where you live has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
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    Awdboost reacted to together4evr in k1 fraud help   
    Do not marry her
    Do not worry about the kids or her
    Tell her it is over and she will need to find another sucker
    And I am sorry about all the time, money and love you wasted on her. I hope you find someone worthy of your love
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    Awdboost reacted to Mike B. in Fraud: Check outcome of I-751 after divorce?   
    The I-864 might not have any effect on his divorce, but whether or not his ex-wife has conditions lifted on her residency does have an effect on his I-864 obligations. I agree that he's probably going to be left in the dark about this unless he calls his wife, but I simply cannot understand why you are so hostile that someone somewhere out there might have just a bit of an inkling of a desire to know whether or not they are still contractually bound to a legally-binding document like the I-864.
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    Awdboost reacted to Cathi in Fraud: Check outcome of I-751 after divorce?   
    I don't have any advice, but if it were me I would want to know the outcome as he is on the hook for the I-864 if she isn't deported.
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    Awdboost reacted to jaycali in Fraud: Check outcome of I-751 after divorce?   
    In my opinion, the OP has a right to know, based on the fact that he was obviously conned into a false marriage and signed an I-864 on her behalf. If anything, he should at least have a right to know whether the I-864 still stands due to the adverse financial consequences it could have.
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    Awdboost reacted to calmload in Fraud: Check outcome of I-751 after divorce?   
    Well, um... You seem to be a bit hostile about this. But at any rate, what does it matter to me whether they care or want to know what I think? Like I said, I didn't tell them anything...
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    Awdboost reacted to Samantha78 in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    The hurt is different because of the emotional investment and chance that was put into the relationship that would not exist in the same fashion if it were USC and USC. I do think there is an expectation where one feels as though they are owed something. I feel like I was owed commitment and honesty. And keep in mind.....USCs do not put the price on this....give thanks to IMMIGRATION/the Gov for that. Maybe if there wasn't a price on every single thing involved in the process, it would be easier to remove that feeling of putting a price tag on a person.
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    Awdboost reacted to Samantha78 in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    Speaking from personal experience.....at no point did I ever feel as though I was "saving" my spouse from his 3rd world country but I absolutely felt that he would have many more opportunities to better himself here, than in a country where getting ahead is a rarity.
    As far as wanting to send someone back to their country....I can relate to this immensely.
    I spent a lot of money and time on my marriage and the visa. I spent many nights crying before and after it was done. I spent even more nights feeling destroyed, jilted and confused as to why this man, who said he loved me just hours before he walked out of my home 6 days after his arrival in the US, would leave me in an instant and throw away the memories and future we could have potentially had together.
    Does he deserve to stay here after being a fake or feeling confused about his move to the US or choking me or cheating on me or lyIng to my face day after day?? I would say NO.
    Asking how I can send him back is probably the nicest thing I can say because I'd LOVE to do much worse BUT, I think that it's fair enough to ask that question......not wanting to see his face living in the same city I live in, acting as though I didn't exist or this never happened. Yea, I'm all set with all that.
    And I'm going to go out on a limb and speak for some others that ask that question. They may have deeper reasons why they ask that, more than what they'd want to share on VJ, because some people can be very judgmental. Not everyone is as vocal as I am....I give details because I know this will help someone else one day. Unless its happening to you, you will never understand.
    On that note.....can anyone tell me how I can send my soon to be ex husband/abuser/fake/fraud/liar back to his country?
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    Awdboost reacted to Truelove6 in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    wow...i cant stand liar from afar...your heart is the most pecious gift GOD gave you and when someone manipulates you for their own greed..throw them away..in the trash for all i care! yes when u find out that u have bees used and its not true love u have all sorts of emotions...so if one of those emotions are to "send him back" thats just how u feel!
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    Awdboost reacted to MyJourney1 in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    Yes because, not only have the US Citizen sacrificed their time and money, of which is not cheap, but they've also sacrificed their "Heart". When you love someone, you are dedicating your heart; entrusting this person with it. So, when a US Citizen puts his/her "All" into bring the love of their life to the USA; just to find out their foreign spouse used them, that's not only a waste of time, but it's also a waste of their "Precious Heart". That is very "heart-breaking" in the worse way ever to be used by someone with another "Agenda" after you have given your heart too them completely.
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    Awdboost reacted to rade2rising in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    well what you are saying is accurate granted that the marriage was in good faith from the beginning. However, in many cases the USC realize all too late that they have been used for immigration benefits. In such cases how can you not be upset? If someone use you like trash then they most certainly deserve to be treated the same. I have NO SYMPATHY for such folks. They should be kicked out of the country immediately no questions asked. Man or Woman. Life is short get such ppl out of your life.
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    Awdboost reacted to RICARDO4EVA2 in What do u do while waiting for AOS?   
    Hello you're being sponsored... so that is the SPONSOR's responsibility.. why is being questioned.? If the sponsor is the husband or wife then he/she takes care of the home .. ya know.. bills, food, entertainment... shopping.. until a work permit is obtained.... then equality starts.
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    Awdboost reacted to MrTee12 in AOS for Dominicans - Which birth certificate?   
    They will need the long form birth certificate (extensa) for the AOS application. Make sure its translated from Spanish to English. By copy, they mean "a photocopy of the original". But since its translated it will be a duplicate anyway and not the original, since the original is in Spanish. I hope this is clear.
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    Awdboost reacted to HeatDeath in filing within 90 days   
    You need to be married within 90 days of your entry to US on a K-1.
    To be precise, you need to be married before the expiry date on your I-94, which is virtually always 90 days.
    It is a very good idea, for a whole host of reasons, to file your AOS papers as soon as humanly possible after the wedding.
    However, you do not have to file your AOS before the K-1 I-94 expiry. If it goes out a few days or weeks after the I-94 expiry date, it is almost certainly no big deal. If you're coming up on that deadline, do not rush yourselves. Take an extra day or three, go over the paperwork and make sure everything is correct. It is much more important that the paperwork be accurate and correct than that it get to USCIS before your K-1 I-94 expiry date.
    One of the reasons why it is a good idea to get the AOS forms sent off as early as possible is that doing so allows you to get the AOS NOA1 as soon as possible. Once your I-94 expires, you will have no way to prove that you are legitimately in the US until the AOS NOA1 receipt shows up. If there is a gap of time between your I-94 expiry date and when you get the NOA1, and you happen to have a run-in with federal law enforcement or ICE during that gap, your life will temporarily become far more interesting than you'd like. There won't be any permanent consequences, but you'll have a very interesting couple of days, and not in a good way.
    So try to get it sent off as soon as possible. But don't sweat it if it's a few days later.
    To answer your question specifically, yes. If you are sending off your AOS papers two weeks before the K-1 I-94 expiry date, everything will be fine, and you even have a very good chance of getting the NOA1 before your I-94 expiry date.
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    Awdboost reacted to James and Cynthia in HE CHEATED ME   
    Coming from a man, if you marry him, you will regret it. Too many lies already. I hope you find someone that will respect you with honesty. I'm sorry he did this too you. The issues with his friend are red flags. The lies in the Philippines should be the last straw. There's no excuse for that behavior if you want to marry someone you can trust.
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