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  1. We sent expedite request for the interview on NVCexpedite email, attached evidence as well. Humanitarian reasons...
  2. Yes, we sent our expedite for the interview after DQ. We sent Nov 25 got approved yesterday. Good luck!
  3. Congrats, which category? Spouse visa? We are DQ since Nov 4th still waiting for IL😢
  4. We had a lawyer in the beginning of the process. Were not happy with him at all so when we got approved I-130 we did rest of the process at NVC by ourselves without any problems. Waiting for an interview letter at this point, good luck and don't be afraid to finish it yourself.
  5. No, our documents accepted 6 days after first and the only one submission but were not reviewed, obviously. Ceac never shown administrative processing, only docs accepted, feespaid and IV app completed. We were for 4 weeks in AP, don't worry DQ will come soon...🙏
  6. DQ Nov 4th, our embassy is not backlogged at all. Don't know what is going on there, why we did not get IL 🤷‍♀️
  7. We had excatly the same situation. One month after documents acceptance we got DQ. We called NVC many times, they told us that we were in administrative processing...
  8. I think via email. We became DQ Nov 4th (Bosnia) still waiting for IL😩
  9. Bilo bi lijepo prije nego nesto napises da se informises. K3 je besplatna, ne odobravaju je ali predavanje papira za K3 vizu ubrzava proces odobravanja aplikacije I-130. Malo proguglaj, ukljuci se u fb grupe i pogledaj iskustva ljudi koji su predali. Dobiju odobrenje I-130 u roku od mozda 3 mjeseca a Nebraska se ceka i po godinu dana.
  10. Najbolje ti je posto je Nebraska u pitanju da posaljes zahtjev za K3 vizu. To ti ubrzava proces a Nebraska je ionako najsporiji centar.
  11. We were in administrative processing before an interview, all docs are accepted but we are waiting for DQ email for one month. We are not in AP anymore but officer had to send our case to a supervisor to give us DQ. So, we don't know how long supervisor review could take?
  12. Hello, how long we have to wait for a supervisor review at NVC. We are not anymore in administrative processing, after 3weeks they sent our case to a supervisor. Anyone knows how long it could take?
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