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  1. I totally agree. I read through USCIS and I don't see anything that makes her eligible. Ultimately it all comes down to be petitioning her which is a lot to ask.
  2. She send this to me and say base on this she would be eligible to file and after I read it I don't see how it applies to her. I come here to clarify because even though she claim she can petition to adjust her status on her own she asking me to complete the I-130 form which would make me petition her. So am just trying to make sense of things. The requirements are on page 43 of the I-485 that she's referring to. Please see attachment. i-485instr-pc.pdf
  3. Yeah, am confuse cause that's what I thought. I have a sibling with overstayed. But they were told they could adjust their status on their own after being here for quiet some time by completing the I-184 along with the other documentation. But she would be eligible under Continuous residency (registry) under the I-184 but when I read it, it doesn't appear that way to me.
  4. If someone enters the U.S on a tourist visa and decided to overstayed their visa and remain in the U.S 5 or 6 years. Can they file to adjust their status to permanent resident? Would they be able to petition for themselves or they would a family member to file the petition on their behalf?
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