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  1. Wow what an afternoon lol. I checked online earlier today and my petition was still "at nvc" so I called NVC a few hours ago to see if they sent my package out to the embassy and Emma said that it is undergoing "additional processing" and there is no timeframe of completion :(. What's next after hearing that news?, start searching every single post regarding additional processing at nvc ever recorded in the history of visajourney of course! After reading horror stories of it taking a few weeks to a few months to complete, I pondered over how I was going to tell my fiancee' about this new news and thought about how long they were going to hold onto my petition... Just checked online again 15 minutes ago and it changed to "in transit". All that worrying for nothing jeez. Not even going to tell my fiancee' about my afternoon lol, well maybe I will but for now just sent her a text with "baby it's on it's way to the consulate :)"
  2. Skipped a day calling nvc and called them this afternoon and it was received 😊 Online noa2 April 5th hardcopy April 4th
  3. Mines the 5th. Hopefully we will all be in the next batch then. Are they open on saturdays?
  4. Hello, I'm filling out the i134 and the Vietnam consulate paperwork says they need my most recent tax transcript. I make enough on my tax transcript to qualify fine, even though I only worked 9 months last year because I was abroad the first quarter of the year. My annual income is higher than what my tax transcript shows and I have pay stubs to prove it. Do I put what I made last year on my i134 or do I put what I currently make? The consulate paperwork doesn’t show anything about wanting paystubs etc so I am confused. Also some people say last 3 years tax transcripts are needed for Vietnam but I don’t see in the consulate paperwork that that is needed either... What have others brought to the interview in Vietnam? thanks in advance!
  5. Finally noa2 after a long wait . Was working, minding my own business and got the text! I'm thankful to have found this forum and the people in this forum. It has helped me get through this process and I hope that everyone else waiting in July will get theirs soon too. It's around the corner.
  6. I sent my rfe in yesterday. Is there a tracker that shows how long people have been waiting recently for noa2 after rfe?
  7. It was a Request for "initial" evidence about a minor citation I got 17 years ago. So I just honestly listed it because it asked, but nowhere in the petition paperwork did I see that I had to provide proof unless I misread, so now I'm going downtown to get proof tomorrow, if the record still exists..
  8. Hey all, I got RFE in the mail today. The RFE came with a little tiny envelope to put my response in and mail it back to them. I have more evidence now though too, a lot... I mean it's been almost 8 months waiting on noa2 now so I got more pictures and tickets from trips we took together after filing i-129f and I've learned a lot on this forum and elsewhere about the specifics of the country my fiancee is from and that I may want to have as much quality evidence as possible for the CO to see before our interview. I was also thinking of adding an updated timeline and letter from my mom, ring receipt, gift receipts, maybe more chat messages... I saw a few others "side-loaded" their k1 petitions on RFE and I wanted to see if anyone else has done this? Did you just put it all in a bigger envelope? Will USCIS take one look at my huge RFE response package and put it on a shelf until day 59? I'm guessing the rest of my file is kosher because I only got RFE for one thing. There are some other things I can see though that I could address as well to avoid a second RFE, but wouldn't they have already approved the rest of my file? Looking forward to your responses! Gracias
  9. True. Hope yours gets touched soon too fellow 24ther. It literally took an act of Congress for them to touch mine.
  10. Ah ok thanks man. The anticipation begins ..
  11. Does anybody know the difference between request for initial vs request for additional evidence?
  12. Finally!! Day 230 something and we got an rfe notification via app. Never thought I would be so excited about an rfe but I’m staying positive and happy my file was finally touched. Praying for the rest of June and July to get something soon as well!
  13. I don’t know what is better,... a 45 day timeframe, no timeframe at all, or waiting on background checks... I wish they accepted “coffee money”
  14. I finally got an update on my inquiry in email last night... Thank you for your inquiry. We recognize your interest in the final adjudication of your pending application or petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will review your case but the California Service Center is committed to processing this workload. We will be making every effort to adjudicate your case in the most efficient manner based on our available resources. Has as anybody ever gotten this response? No 30-45 days or waiting on background checks or anything... really no valuable info at all about my case.