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  1. Yeah it sounds like it wasn’t front-loaded enough, and there may be something wrong with the divorce decree? Maybe she already had the certified stamped copy with her at the interview.. maybe it’s something else I don’t know. There are also some documents you should bring that are vietnam specific and good quality documents to front load (or back-load in this case), such as family trees from both sides or signed/notarized affidavits from close family members. Better to have them than not although they may never be looked at… or maybe they were we will never know.. I would definitely make pdf copies of anything you’ve had notarized and immediately mail the original documents to Your fiance. I found a lot of vietnam specific information just searching this website, TONS. I remember after I submitted our i129f I started digging deep into this website and realized what I submitted was not up to par, although it could have passed a rapid visa audit, it wasn’t country specific. I must say it sucked that we got an rfe (8months later), but it was also a golden opportunity to send the one piece of paper the rfe required, along with additional paperwork as thick as the original i129f so that it could be side-loaded and scanned into the computer before the interview. Being there also helps but that’s not your fault in these times.. never had a problem with scheduling the interview jeez they are almost as long as our noa2 wait. I guess some areas of the process slow down while others speed up.. I remember spending lots of nights and weekends researching and preparing documents that may never be looked at, but looking back I’m glad I did. Make sure to create another cover letter, maybe write another letter explaining your relationship and updated letters of intent, anything you can add of value will help, even if it seems repetitive. Good luck to you both.
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