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  1. Good day to you guys! Id like to update you regarding my parents adjustment of status, i filed it on december 24, 2018, biometric done on january 25, 2019 and current status is (as of january 27, 2018 we are ready to schedule an interview) received a letter for additional evidence for medical examination, but it says we can address it on the interview day. Do you guys have idea, when my parents gonna received ther interview notice so we can go ahead and do their medical examination. Thanks again
  2. Can you guys help me to find where can i file my oarents i-485 application? https://www.uscis.gov/i-485-addresses Im frim california anyway.
  3. Need help again, i get confused where to file the i-485 adjustment of status. Can i use g-1450 for credit card payment for filing i-485? thanks
  4. Hello again guys, im preparing my parents application for adjust status or i-485 form, in part 1 number 2 question. Are you applying for adjustment based on the immigration and nationality act (ina) section 245(i). Is it a yes ir no? Please help
  5. Thank you for your opinion. I will apply for adjustment form i-485, im working on their oaoer right now. I still have time as their visit visa expire on second week of january. thanks everyone appreciate your effort.
  6. I can apply advance parole for them so they can get their ssn number. Thanks.... ill uodate you guys soon. Thanks
  7. Thank you very much... My parents already old, they are on their 70’s but i think i still shiould apply the EAD so they can get social number. Thanks again, i will work on their paper this weekend. Do i need to attached some evidence like my birth certificate and the noa for pending i-130?
  8. Thank you for your response. I didnt know that i need to file i-485 for them. Question, how to get ssn, what is the requirements? And what is the form number for advance parole or permission to travel?
  9. Hello guys, im back again here in visa journey. I filed petition for my parents form i-130 last august 2018 while they are here in america using their visit visa. I just checked the status of their petition but still pending and their visit visa will expire soon, on second week of january 2019 to be exact. Should i file adjustment of status form i-485 so they can legally stay in america while waiting for form i-130 to get approved? Thank you guys in advance....
  10. Thank you for your help. I can file separate form i-130 for each of my parent and my parents can file by themself a form i-485, i-131, and i-765 thanks.
  11. Hello guys, ive been a member here since 2013 i think and once again, im here to visa journey to seek your help for filing for my parents i130. My parents are already here in the u.s. as tourist. My question is, can i petitioned them while they are here in anerica as tourist?
  12. Just got my oat letter in our mailbox and it gonna be on june 20 in Sacramento