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  1. Take the staples out immediately. Every page has to be scanned into a machine, and staples mean someone has to tear off each page, or go through and take out the staples. You risk them losing pages. Our packet was about 3.5 inches tall, and we used a Post Office box. Good luck! Sukie in NY
  2. Rejection can also happen if you do not send back EVERY page of the form, even if it does not apply to you. This is what the OP is worried about. OP: Make sure you have EVERY page of the form, add whatever you want to add, and cross your fingers! MAKE A COPY of what you send. Good luck! Sukie in NY
  3. Please folks: send EVERY page of a bank statement or credit card statement. If you only send some of the pages, the assumption is that you are hiding something. This step is too critical to raise any red flags. However, if you have lots and lots of co-mingling evidence (as the OP has), then send quarterly bank statements and/or credit card statements. If you mix up your payments among several cards, then photocopy the cards like Dashinka did, add a couple of statements from each year you've been together, and EXPLAIN how you do your expenses in your cover letter. We had about 3 inches of paper in our submission. Quarterly statements, about 5 pages of pictures, we didn't have a lease or a mortgage (I owned our house prior to our marriage), no affidavits, and we sailed through. Best of luck to all of you! Sukie in NY
  4. Please remember - USCIS opens your packet and immediately scans everything in. Anything that is not single-sided, letter-sized paper is at risk of not scanning properly. Some utility bills are not "letter" size - so printing everything (even pictures) on letter-sized paper is the way to go!!! Sukie in NY
  5. You have made a great start! Keep letters, invitations, holiday cards, or other correspondence addressed to both of you. When you travel, make sure BOTH names are on the hotel bookings. Take pictures with /family/friends/in readily recognizable places/ (Examples: Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam, Eiffel Tower, Petronas Towers, Big Ben, CN Tower, The Peak, St. Louis Arch, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera House - you get the idea). As someone above said, don't go overboard - but do show friends and family if you can. Best of luck on your journey! Sukie in NY
  6. Look - you're doing it the hard way - but that doesn't mean it is impossible. Lots of couples do not co-mingle their finances - for many reasons - bad credit, different money management strategies and abilities, control issues, pre-nups, etc. Your key thing will be to prove co-habitation with leases/mortgages in both names, home or renter's insurance in both names, at the same addresses. Then, craft a very detailed paragraph in your cover letter explaining HOW you do your finances, WHY you have chosen to file separately (most couples find that MFJ is a smaller tax burden - but not all), where you do things jointly, and where you do them separately (like Spouse 1 pays these bills from this bank account, and Spouse 2 pays THESE bills from this other bank account). Yes, send a couple of statements to show that bills go to the same address. Your photocopies of your driver's licenses, and any other items (library cards, gym memberships) that show you "do life" together are good things. You will have to get in front of USCIS' suspicions with a good up-front explanation for WHY you do WHAT you do. Again - show that you have lived together since you married (and before, if applicable). Best of luck. Like I said, you are doing it the hard way, but if you explain, you may just sail through. Sukie in NY
  7. Yes, Anna. You are now eligible to file for your N-400. Sukie in NY
  8. Start with this. https://gettingdownunder.com/the-9-ways-to-emigrate-to-australia/ And here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/bringing-someone/bringing-partner-or-family If your spouse gets US Citizenship, then you would be free to go back and forth if you change your mind. My spouse is Australian, and I have Australian Permanent Residency. We are both US Citizens as well. We live in both countries, going back and forth. Also, Australia has folks called "Migration Agents" who can help. Maybe your spouse's family can locate one to help you. Good luck on your journey! Sukie in NY and on the Gold Coast
  9. There have been several people on this bulletin board who have been caught out because they did NOT send a packet with evidence SINCE THE DATE OF MARRIAGE. A lot of folks think since they submitted stuff in an earlier step, they don't need to go back to the beginning. OP, not sure exactly what your dates are, but if you did not send in data from the date that you married, this might be what the RFE is about. I know it seems redundant, and a waste of paper, but the person who is looking at your file this time might not have your original filing available, or it might have been lost, or they might have eaten rusty nails for breakfast and decided to take their stomach ache out on you. If you feel you need an affidavit, then the person writing it should include something like the following info (besides what they tell you is required)... 1. How long they have known each of you 2. What their relationship is to you 3. What role they played in your marriage, or life 4. Some nice little tidbit that shows they really know you, and your relationship well. Example 1: I have known Joe since childhood, as he grew up in the house two doors down from me. I met Sue two years ago when Joe announced his engagement. My wife and I hosted a BBQ dinner at our house to celebrate their engagement, and I served as Best Man in their wedding. Our friendship has lasted over 25 years, and we hope that Joe and Sue will remain our friends for a long time in the future. Example 2: I have known Joe since he was an infant, as I performed his baptism! I also married Joe and Sue, and they attended pre-Cana training with me. etc. etc... Good luck on your journey!!! Sukie in NY
  10. OK - let's put it another way. Don't drink (use) and drive. Don't provide alcohol for a minor. Don't speed. Don't turn right on red before stopping COMPLETELY. Use your turn signals (indicators).
  11. Here's more for your list.. 1. If you are having to do the I-751 in two years (ROC), START COLLECTING DATA NOW! Get a plastic bin, or old shoe box, or something, and drop any mail addressed to both of you (holiday greetings, invitations, personal notes, etc.) in it. Have copies of all rental leases/deeds/mortgages in the box (or scan them electronically). Do the same with an electronic folder on one of your laptops or desktops or have a USB stick that lives in the shoebox, too. Diligently copy any and all bank statements, insurance papers with both names, credit card statements, yearly tax transcripts to your hard drive/thumb drive. If you don't keep things electronically, then save the paper copies. Do this throughout the two years between immigration and ROC, and save yourself the heartache of trying to find back copies of everything at the last minute. 2. Have both parties listed on rental/homeowners/car insurance policies as an authorized claimant. This has nothing to do with USCIS and everything to do with protecting each other in a terrible situation. Example: your house is demolished in a storm, and the person who is listed on the policy dies. The other spouse cannot file an insurance claim if they are not listed as a party that is AUTHORIZED to file a claim. 3. Make wills and have medical powers of attorney for each of you. USCIS likes to see this, as it shows that both parties are looking to the future. 4. If you travel, take pictures together with recognizable landmarks in the background. Keep all boarding passes of airline/train trips. If you make a hotel reservation, put BOTH names on the reservation. Save your receipts and copies of the reservations. If you visit family or friends, take pictures together. 5. If you don't have kids, then pets can count! Have both names on your account at the vet, and print out vet receipts. We shipped our cat from Australia to the US and used all the paperwork from HER travel as documentation. Best of luck on the rest of your journey!!! Sukie in NY
  12. Two hours is too close at JFK. 4 hours is really a much better timeframe. Best of luck!!! Sukie in NY
  13. Honest to God/dess, USCIS ought to hire those of us who have completed the process to clear the backlog. We know the forms. We know the process. We know the questions. Most of us know what is acceptable proof. I think we'd do a GREAT job! Sukie in NY
  14. Congratulations! Feels like a "stealth delivery", eh? Best of luck on your journey! Sukie in NY
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