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  1. It will not be a problem. You have plenty of other evidence. Sukie in NY
  2. I would scrap the utilities letter from your landlord - but not because you already have great evidence (because you do!). In my opinion, I think the letter opens up a LOT of questions. In the first place, your lease states that YOU will be responsible for the utilities. So why is your landlord paying for them? Is your landlord a friend, or is s/he related to you in some manner? Was your credit so bad that the utility companies were giving you a hassle? Was your landlord scared that you would not pay them and so hurt his/her reputation? You see, NONE of the above are true. But, I think you leave yourself wide open for questions if you submit the letter as it is. You have enough. Don't worry about it. Sukie in NY
  3. No, you do not have to mail the package exactly 90 days before the date. You have a window of 90 days. Most of us wait a few days AFTER the 90-day window opens just so we won't have it arrive too early (where it will be rejected). Best of luck! Sukie in NY
  4. No one has addressed your first question yet... *IF* you cannot get the transcript then you need to send your WHOLE tax return (which includes schedules, W-9s, 1099s, etc. They prefer transcripts, but sometimes you just can't get them in time. Also, if you owed any money, send a copy of the check you sent to pay your taxes. Best of luck to you! Sukie in NY
  5. Send originals and keep a copy! Sukie in NY
  6. Do follow the instructions re: timing of evidence FROM THE DATE OF MARRIAGE. Send copies of your bank statements since you married - but maybe only quarterly statements. Your having a letter from the bank covering 5 years seems creative, but I, myself, would not have chanced it. We sent 4 statements per year. Sukie in NY
  7. We checked the box for a SSN, and reminded the officer at the POE (JFK) that we had checked the box. We did not receive a SSN card, so we made an appointment at our local office (pre-COVID). After our appointment, the SSN came in 5 days. Based on what I've read on Visa Journey over the years, the SSN is generated only about 40% of the time. Do not wait more than 4 weeks. Sukie in NY
  8. I think the important thing to show is that you TRIED to get that transcript. In all the how-to's out there, it says transcripts OR tax returns. As I said earlier, they PREFER transcripts, but that one year should NOT make a difference. However, NONE of us can tell you what they will do or think. Just be very organized in your reply. Best of luck! Sukie in NY
  9. USCIS prefers transcripts. Shorter, neater, and it proves you filed. Write a cover letter with your RFE response. Tell them exactly what you have told us - you requested transcripts online, but only 4 years were available. You specifically requested 2016, but as of the date of your mailing, you had not received them. Therefore, along with the 2017 - 2020 transcripts, and in lieu of the 2016 TRANSCRIPT, you are including: 1. Copy of request to IRS for 2016 transcript 2. IRS "Account" transcript for 2016 3. Copies of your 2016 tax return along with all 1099s, W-2s, (and all schedules) Sometimes you have to really, as someone above said, send them the kitchen sink, and explain all the parts. Best of luck!!! Sukie in NY
  10. If you Google "ROC Package", you will find lots of help. Do NOT send it in a binder. Use ACCO clips or alligator clips or rubber bands. Google is your friend. There are lots of how-to posts on this forum. Sukie in NY
  11. When we went through the process, we filed in April, before our prior year's tax return was complete. We did not get an RFE, but we did take a copy of the latest return when it was time for the interview. USCIS knows the IRS is slow this year - especially since the due date was extended. Go ahead and file. You may wish to add a note to your cover letter stating the date you filed, but noting that the transcripts are not yet available. Sukie in NY
  12. Congratulations! Some of the big things that can trip couples up are: 1. Not knowing facts about each other's families. Know the names, birth order and approximate ages of parents and siblings. 2. Not knowing facts about each other's work (if applicable). Know what each of you do for a living and be able to describe it. 3. Not knowing basic facts about each other's background (schooling, places they've lived, pets) These are things that most couples would have talked about as they got to know each other. Just be sure you have the same facts. You will be asked how you met, how often you visited each other if you lived in different countries. Be sure that each of you can tell the same sequence of events. The petitioner should do most of the talking unless the USC is directly addressed - but the USC should not hesistate to share information if it adds to the story. The USC should encourage the petitioner to take the lead in answering, even if they are shy, or their English may be rough. If you are a bona fide couple, then the way you look at each other, your body language, and your verbal language will show that. You might be nervous, but try to relax, and realize you are getting close to the end of your journey! Let your love for each other overcome the nerves! Sukie in NY
  13. In addition to the advice you have given above, it may be very helpful to write a cover letter that 1) explains your living situation from your marriage until now (and those affidavits from the people you lived with are KEY!) , 2) gives a simple explanation of how you handle money in your household, and 3) explains the fact that each of your health coverage comes from your currently employers. That way, an officer who is looking at your case does not have to guess what is happening. Best of luck! Sukie in NY
  14. I used ACCO binders, but others have used rubber bands and alligator clips. I feel that ACCO clips are the safest - papers cannot "fall out" using ACCO binders, as long as you have two-hole punched and loaded each paper correctly. Sukie in NY
  15. @LuckyCat has done a great job of listing good documents!!! 1. There is no "right" way to organize your documents. Just remember - you are telling a story of your relationship, and your documents should help tell this story. Here is a suggestion for "groupings": Cover Letter, Mandatory documents, Documents to show financial co-mingling, Documents to show you have lived together at the same place, Documents that show you "do life" together (such as credit cards, insurance, gym/library memberships, vacations together), Documents you are planning for the future (wills, Medical Powers of Attorney). 2. Affidavits are NOT mandatory. They are most helpful if you have gaps in the items listed in #1, above. Otherwise, they are not considered primary evidence. Best of luck! Sukie in NY
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