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  1. Having driver's licenses and/or state IDs with your current address on them is valuable. Make a photocopy of both. Sukie in NY
  2. So I am a Permanent Resident of Australia and I am covered under the Medicare (NOT USA Medicare) there. However, the coverage is ONLY good if I am in Australia. Is Argentinian health insurance limited only to Argentina? Your wife's insurance wants to be sure there is not "double-dipping". I believe you can write a letter stating that Argentina has universal health coverage, but it ONLY covers you if you are in Argentina. Therefore, you need coverage for the United States. Hopefully that will work. The US folk just don't understand national health schemes!!! If you can find a website (in English) that explains the Argentina health scheme, you could attach that. Best of luck, Sukie in NY
  3. This is a good affidavit, because it is personalized specifically to you as a couple. It shows that that the Dad has been part of the process since John first fell in love. It also shows that the couple lived with "us" and that Dad and Mom(?) helped out financially a bit, too. It also has clear dates and timelines. Affidavits are especially good when couples don't have rental agreements for their whole married life. While affidavits are not a requirement, it looks like it is a good idea in this case! Best of luck! Sukie in NY
  4. Yes, you can travel, but if you leave and go to a country that is currently prohibited, you will have to route through a country which is NOT prohibited on your way back. Be careful. Sukie in NY
  5. Everyone is in the same boat with the IRS right now. I'm a US Citizen, and I cannot get my transcripts online, and the IRS is neither mailing the "code" or transcripts at this time. If you are eager to get going, the only thing you can do right now is send in full copies of your tax returns, plus the W-2s, 1099s, etc., that you submitted. They prefer tax transcripts, but if the IRS is not sending transcripts, then they cannot force you to send them. Just photocopy your complete tax packet for each year, and send it in. Be sure the returns are signed before you copy them. Sukie in NY
  6. Try this. It's not about how MUCH you have. It's how you sell your story. Good luck! Sukie in NY
  7. Yes. And please, send the WHOLE return - even if it is lots of pages. Sukie in NY
  8. I just tried to get my 2019 transcript. I signed on to the IRS.gov site, put in my ID and password, and then it asked me for a verification number that they sent me by snail mail over 2 years ago!!! Like I really have that handy, right???? So I tried to request another verification number (where I will have to wait until the mail gets it here) only to find out that they are not sending ANY mail at this point. No mail transcripts. All this because they don't have my telephone number on file. So if your online request does not go through, you are hosed. If the OP cannot get transcripts, s/he needs to send ALL the pages of the tax returns PLUS copies of any W-2s (or other wage statement) to address the RFE (if the RFE specifically asked for that). Foiled at every turn! Drat! Sukie in NY
  9. I have never been able to download the transcripts, so I just order them every year by mail and then scan them. For some reason, the program looks at some database, and if every little thing isn't there, it rejects you online. The mail took me less than one week, but that was pre-COVID-19. Sukie in NY
  10. First of all - make sure you cover the total time of your marriage. Sending the last three bank statements won't cut it. You did not specify which, or how many bank statements you sent, but because it sounds like you don't co-mingle your accounts too much. Definitely send a statement about the fact that 1) you already owned your home prior to marriage and 2) she is in the process of building her credit. Send ALL pages of bank statements. Many people make the mistake of only sending the summary page. They want to see the transactions. Yes, get tax transcripts. You made an error in only sending the first page. Transcripts prove that you filed your taxes. First pages of 1040s do not. Read this: Good luck!!! Sukie in NY
  11. The post office tells you when it was delivered, but until it is taken from the Processing Center Mail Room and scanned into the system, nothing happens with it. Depending upon the load of mail delivered, it can take a while. In my experience, the FIRST thing they do with you packet after they open it, is scan it into the system, and deposit your check! Sukie in NY
  12. Most couples who do not combine finances submit a paragraph explaining why - just so they won't get an RFE. You might be fine with what you have. But IF you get an RFE - just write a letter (both of you sign it) explaining that you do NOT combine finances, and you are happy with that decision. If your evidence shows you live together, you may not even have a problem at all. It does depend on the person who is managing your case. Sukie in NY
  13. In Australia, you don't have a copy of your ACTUAL birth certificate. What you get is a certified copy of the fact that your birth has been "registered" in the "Births, Deaths, and Marriages" log in each state. That is sufficient. Certified copies are considered the legal equivalent of the original. Best of luck! Sukie in NY
  14. Wimpog, just send the original package back, with a note explaining that you screwed up the money the first time. NO NEED TO REPRINT. Sukie in NY
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