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  1. *Update* I just got the approval letter for the petition!!! petition approved!!! I know this is just the beginning of the next steps. But it's good to see that there has been some updates.
  2. No changes or update on my end. But I have travelled overseas to see my mom and the rest of my family and relatives back in the Philippines. It was an enjoyable time. Made me more anxious about the whole wait. I was only in the Philippines for exactly 1 week. That was the shortest week ever. Missing my mom and my relatives already. I'm expecting to see some more activity in July on my end. Good luck to all of us.
  3. i did.. and i should tell you how people have been doing it here for the last 8 years (that i've been here) .. see the format? it will also help too. since you have some suggestions.. i just thought you could use some of the tried and tested true suggestions here.
  4. For everyone, this should be a friendly thread so we can enjoy the journey together. There is not a "fixed" rule on this thread other than be friendly. There is no need to conform to anyone's process or ways other than USCIS's. *wink wink* Or be subjected by people who just wants to know it all. I have been a member of VJ since 2010 -- that's 8 years compared to your... few months. Just saying... If you think you can do better, then just start a new thread. If not, then please abide by the friendly atmosphere this thread brings.
  5. Change your info accordingly too... I don't see much info on your end.
  6. @WillCrack it's at Nebraska Service Center -- but i don't know why it matters this early in the process. But if it helps you to track things. here you go.. would you like my receipt number as well?
  7. hello everyone! I have not been checking this thread for weeks. I won't be checking much until it's closer to our 6 month mark. Let's all be patient. Soon we will be able to have our family here with us.
  8. Hi! Thanks for your request. You will be able to see the service center that I've sent my petition on the left side of this message. Right at the bottom of my profile photo. You will also see that I'm currently filing for the IR-5 visa. I believe you will be able to change this using your "timeline" Maybe you should update yours too. So that it would like our profiles here on VJ. You can also update your signature to show your dateline progress by manually typing it in your signature. Hopefully that should help your journey here on VJ. Thank you. Please see screenshot below:
  9. My mom has something similar. But she has addressed this years ago. The spelling of her name was misspelled as well. She had it legally corrected. So now when she requests for a certified copy of her birth certificate and marriage contract/certificate, the certified copy indicates that her name has been corrected to ____ as of (date) by Judge _______ (not the exact wording but you kind of get the gist). The name on the original birth certificate and/or marriage contract/certificate will remain the same, regardless if it's spelled correctly or not. But now it has the information of it being legally corrected. Have your mom get a certified copy that shows that it has been corrected. Seeing that you're mom is in the Philippines... I think she will need to go to NSO for those documents. I just don't know who or where she needs to go to get it corrected. But it's best to go to NSO and check to see how she can get it corrected. Once she has had them legally correct it, then you can proceed with your petition. You will need the copy of these documents sent with your form I-130. USCIS needs proof or evidence to show your relationship that she is your birth mother. Once she has the right documents, she can scan and email you the scanned copy. You can print those to attach with your petition. If they need the original and/or certified copy, then they will ask for it and will give you time to send it to them. I believe, government agencies that ask for the original copies, do return the original copy back to the sender after they are finished with it. I hope this helps.
  10. Me too!! I don't mind the waiting. I also expect that we will be logging in more as it get closer to the date. Please let us know if there are any updates on your end when the time comes. Thanks for joining this thread.
  11. I think this is good that we have a realistic expectation of the waiting time. I'm sure it will get pretty exciting once it gets closer to that time frame... So I think we are looking into hearing more around August to October. Thank you for joining this forum. It's good to have people to wait with who are on the same boat. Thanks again!
  12. There's a Form I-130 Instructions found on the USCIS website. It's really informative and tells you what you will need. If you're planning to type your answers on the form, make sure you have the most updated adobe so that you can fill out the form with ease. Additionally, when it comes to sending your birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. -- send copies, not the originals. If they need the originals, they will let you know and they will request for you to send it. -- This is also mentioned (I think) at the instructions form. I hope this helps.
  13. Hello @ragex @Mzyah03 @Air_Borne Good luck to all of us. It's going to be a long wait. But it's good to see other February filers. My form just "finally" got delivered by USPS. I paid for the 2 day delivery. It took them 8 days to deliver it. I was getting nervous with all the delays and transfers from one USPS facility center to another. Even saw that they noted there that the zipcode was wrong -- it wasn't, i think someone made a mistake when they sorted the mail. I have a copy of my label so I was able to double check and I did in fact placed in the correct zipcode. I felt so relieved when I saw it was delivered. Now, I'm just anxious to see and receive a NOA letting me know that they've received it. I keep telling myself and my mom that, we should expect more to hear in July 2018 so that we won't expect to see anything anytime soon. What about you guys? What month do you think we start seeing a petition approvals for February filers?