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  1. Congratulations @ljmp_10 !!!I'm so happy for you and your parents!!!
  2. its okay! I do pero I got confirmation first dito so I checked right away. Late ko na nakita ung sa fb messenger . Thank you!
  3. IR5 Parents Visa Journey (FORM I-130) https://www.facebook.com/groups/IR5VISA/ erratic so far ang pag post ng embassy ng schedule so we tried to check it few times a day.
  4. hi all - It's been a while since the last time I was here. Things have changed for couple of weeks now. My mom died just after new years and it has been really tough. She is one of my beneficiaries along with my father. I have not looked on how to update either USCIS/NVC or the Manila US Embassy about the change yet. I was wondering if anyone has the same experience?
  5. Hi! I am really hoping we can get IL letters soon but you will get them first before me for sure! Also an update I checked the status again of both my parents and bot shows READY.
  6. I just got another email saying that they transferred the case to the embassy and per CEAC its in Transit.
  7. Thank you @ljmp_10 . I will wait until the status changed then before setting up the profiles. But thank you!
  8. @ljmp_10 I would wait couple of days to set up my parents profile too but yes hopefully its a good sign! anyway, have you tried checking your parents on case in https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx and does it show if the case is now changed from NVC to MNL Embassy? I know it would take time on mine since the approval was yesterday but it still shows : YOUR CASE IS CURRENTLY AT: NVC and thank you @Lorenza .
  9. Thanks! I can't wait! You will get notification first before me! keep us posted
  10. Congratulations!!! I just checked my email and both my parents were approved for expedited processing as well!
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