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  1. case was approved then was sent to NVC for processing. Paid fees and uploaded documents and now its on submitted status.
  2. Goodluck! I submitted mine April last year for both parents 💜
  3. Thanks @Hank_ . I appreciate it.
  4. Will NVC accept NBI clearance that has multi purpose clearance? or does it need to indicate its for travel?
  5. Thank you @ankitpatel Good luck! I hope you get your case settled!
  6. Hi Everyone! I got my approval today from both of my parents! I both applied for them the night of April 30th but both application received on may 1st but anyway after few months of waiting, they reviewed both the case on Friday 12/11 and today when I checked on it ,it was accepted!!! I'm glad for the news before the year ends!
  7. I got my parents approval just this morning. I both applied for them on May 1st and after 2 days of review ,I got the approval today!
  8. This happened to me too. My immigration lawyer confirmed to me that time ,that I can work while my papers are being process and says so on the receipt letter that I had sent along with my documents. It took my previous company a week and asked me not to go to work while they are trying to sort it out. After a week they sorted it out and I was back to work and I was never asked for any documents again but when my new greencard came I sent it to my HR to update my records. So in your case @Justkeepswimming as long as you have the receipt letter that says you can work and travel while your GC is in process you should be good. They should still keep you and I hope everything goes well for you!
  9. I know! Thanks! I hope everyone gets their schedule for the ceremony.
  10. Hello! any filers for April ? I filed both application for my parents and hoping for fast processing!😁
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