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  1. Aadhar and PAN does not get invalidated with renunciation of Indian citizenship. In fact anyone residing in India for more than 182 days per year is eligible to have an Aadhar card including non-Indian citizens. Aadhar and PAN is not just for Indian citizens.
  2. Check ustraveldocs.com. For an extra fee it can be delivered to the home address.
  3. I’d take six months since ustraveldocs info reflects what the consulate expects. That said, send a message on ustraveldocs to confirm.
  4. First immigrant visa appt. email is sent by NVC then, you go to ustraveldocs and setup the applicant profile and you schedule a biometrics appointment for a date that falls prior to the interview.
  5. Only email if you have given one. No physical letters for interview appointments.
  6. The biometric appointment and account/profile on ustraveldocs need to be separate for each IR-5 applicant (so a separate one for mom and dad). Interview language preferences are part of the questions asked when you set up the account on ustraveldocs.
  7. All biometrics are done before the interview at Mumbai. Call NVC around 8-9 pm EST - you will get through immediately. Your parents cases should have been linked and have the same interview date and time - did you pay one Affidavit of Support fee for both in CEAC? That is the indication that the applications are linked by NVC.
  8. It is pretty much YMMV at NVC. My IR Mumbai case took a full 120 days since case completion before I got an interview (March 2019) - that too after some escalations I initiated!
  9. Both birth certificates - petitioner's and applicant's. Pretty much same experience for my parents earlier this year after entering the consulate - the wait after submitting the documents to interview was not more than couple of hours. Financial support documents are the crux for an IR-5 interview.
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