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  1. It took a good bunch of us 4 months to get the interview date after CC some others 2 months when generally it has taken under a month for Mumbai. So keep your fingers crossed!
  2. Biometrics is not done at the Mumbai consulate at interview. It is done prior to it at a VAC. Go and set one up: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/index.html
  3. Generally it takes the same time to review the newly uploaded documents. Time to schedule varies from few days to few months based on the consulate you are interviewing at. See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xbLl_8yDgHLeDaLnTrPdYc44J0sjPSFfYCKxlKx6uTY/htmlview#gid=0
  4. Yes, same email without any extra action needed on my part.
  5. I don't think so. The issue was only with Mumbai late Sept/early October CC dates. I am sure you will get your date this month.
  6. There was a glitch at NVC in the scheduling system when things turned online for Mumbai late Sept/early October hence the delay. There are several others in my CC timeframe who also got delayed. Things seem to be ok for petitioners after that timeframe.
  7. Got a March interview date today. Mumbai CC: Oct 11, 2018.
  8. IR5 Mumbai Consulate CC: October 11 Still waiting for an interview date!
  9. No update at all... three months and counting since CC for Mumbai. NVC contractual customer service is totally powerless and uninformed. NVC leadership is in the dark as well with no mechanism to take notice of their customer's red flags. Trash is an understatement for their so-called customer "service"!
  10. O & O - A few questions for you: Did NVC start electronic processing of documents for Lagos in July/August 2018? Were your documents all uploaded on CEAC? Do you know of others around your CC date that is also waiting for an interview date at Lagos? Have you contacted your Congressperson's office about this unfair delay? If so, what was the result? Thanks...
  11. Good! Make sure to mention in your case to the Congressperson about these first two weeks of October as the red flag. I have done the same - the more NVC sees the probable scope of the issue better it would be to pass through their thick skin!
  12. There are a bunch of us with a CC in the first two weeks of October for Mumbai consulate who are passed over. We have contacted the NVC supervisors (equally incompetent with no willingness to help) and our Congresspersons (just lately). This period of October coincides with the period that Mumbai/NVC switched to online processing of NVC documents and it suggests with a high probability towards the cause of this unfairness. I would highly advise you contact your Congressperson and open an inquiry with NVC through them as well and escalate this.
  13. My CC was Oct 11 and I know a few with Oct 1, Oct 12 and Sept 24 CC's for Mumbai still awaiting interviews
  14. You mean those with October CC for Mumbai are receiving Feb interviews? I have not seen any with those criteria getting Feb Mumbai interviews. Keep in mind - I am saying October CC, not October received at NVC. Can you share the profiles of people if the above is true? I have seen several with Nov/Dec CC's getting Jan Mumbai interviews
  15. I would have liked Mumbai to be consistent that but three months on after case complete, I and several others from that time (IR-1/CR-1, IR-5 and EB cases) still haven't received an interview date while others with later CC date have !! So things are random and not going necessarily with some known priority order at least with Mumbai.