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  1. Case was complete as of 11/21/18. Cc email on 11/29/18 case is for mom IR-5 priority date is 1/12/18 consulate is in ciudad juarez
  2. This is my situation right now~ My lawyer send the package with our info and moms and when we called to asked they said once they review the package they will complete the DS 260?? I am confuse because Im reading everywhere to complete the DS 260. AH what did you end up doing?
  3. Hello. Noa2 approved 8/16/18 according to new website. Waiting for hard copy. I applied for my mother (IR-5) anyone here happens to know what document we need to have for interview ?? When completing NVC paperwork what are the chances of doing it incorrectly? I can’t afford a lawyer and I want to make sure we have everything correct.
  4. I received this message early morning on Wednesday and this morning our file was approved! Pd is 1/12/18
  5. Hi everyone. We were approve TODAY. PD 1/12/18 NOA2 8/17/18. It took 7 months. Timeline was update. I petitioned for my mother. Good luck to all who is still waiting approvals are coming.
  6. We got approve just this morning!! New us is website shows the approval nothing on the old one. Pd1/12/18. NOA2 8/17/18. Good luck guys!!
  7. It is especially when I see other approvals and our just does not happen. Keep us posted.
  8. Mine is pending on both sites.I even have the app everyone kept mentioning. On the January filers topic. Good luck and hope we all hear something soon
  9. My PD is 1/12/18 no word yet I’m at TSC. It is taking forever!! Any news on your side ??
  10. Same for me. I don’t understand why I have two lines. I’m still waiting. I check everyday 2-3tumes a day. My PD is Jan 12th😱😱😱I just want to get approve. 🙏
  11. Hi. Mine was only i130 no news at all still waiting 160 days so far.
  12. I like checking on December and see who has gotten approved because that give me hope of them getting close to January. Thank you! By the way do we know why they have two websites? Also has anyone else experience that on the old website they have one date (Example: January 12, 2018) and then the new one has (January 17, 2018). My priority date was January 12th that what my 1st NOA has?!
  13. Hello, I-130 was sent in January priority date is Jan 12th. I can view my case status on the USCIS but still nothing. The process is taking some time I hope to hear something as well. Mine was sent to TSC.