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  1. We had our interview yesterday and got approved. We were asked only basic questions confirming our name and address, and the security questions from the I-485. The only questions asked about our relationship was how we met, when was the last trip prior to the move and how many times we've visited each other in the past. The marriage certificate was requested in person. This is our timeline: June 23 - package sent Aug 18 - RFE date Aug 24 - biometrics Oct 15 - RFE package sent by USPS priority mail with tracking Nov 1 - notice that they got our package Nov 2 - interview scheduled Nov 8 - letter received with the interview date Our field office is San Fernando CA. Our EAD/AP was not approved prior to us getting the interview scheduled. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Thank you for your response! 1. Yes, the joint sponsor is not married and has filed as head of household with one minor child as a dependent. So for the joint sponsor's household size, for I-864 part 5, that would be 3 - the immigrant, joint sponsor and dependent child. 2. I forgot to mention that neither the petitioner nor the joint sponsor are self employed. So it is the Total Income line from the IRS tax return transcript. 3. Thank you for your advice!
  3. Hi everyone! We got an RFE stating that it could not be determined if the petitioner qualifies for I-864. We found a joint sponsor. I have a couple of questions. 1. We are resending last three years of tax return transcripts for the petitioner, and are including last three years of tax return transcripts for our joint sponsor, who is not married. Are tax return transcripts from the IRS website enough without adding W2s either for the petitioner or for the joint sponsor? 2. Just to double check, for the I-864 Part 6 questions 24a, 24b, 24c, we use the Total Income line from the tax transcripts from the first section Income, and not the Adjusted Gross Income line from the next section Adjustments to Income? 3. We included 12 months of bank statements for the petitioner's assets. We found conflicting answers whether to include all the pages of each bank statement (generic info, card transactions...) or just the relevant ones. We decided to include all of them, since each bank statement is numbered, so we assume leaving something out would be submitting incomplete documents. It can't hurt, right? Thank you!
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