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  1. Hi what should I do with sealed medical reports , I gave my medical and before interview my wife withdraw the case , so I received the medical reports , What should I do it's sealed envelops ... Who is this property ?
  2. Should I say something if you guys don't mind .... Forget usa think about your country , in this case Pakistan is the best place to live ... Couple always look beautiful to gather , one should be compromise , as her husband can not come then she should come to Pakistan and live with her husband at least two three years and think about babies etc ... Time is running fast , then after long passage of time you guys again apply then you will have strong evidence , kids and all !!!! People live in Pakistan. ... But birth should be helpful to each other , if you can help your husband then get some money with you so that you guys can survive easily and tell your husband that do some work to get more money .... Live happily wise advice
  3. I m also confused , why she did this and took this hard step .... What happened .... She talked 17 September well , Suddenly what happened and why she did this ,,,,
  4. I asked her please tell me the reason , as she talked me in good way. Last talked on 17th august and 14 august I received my interview call email , And no response since then
  5. Actually I visited USA but I did not marry there , however my wife pressured me to stay there and marry , I said that I was on visit visa and I would not break the rule as I m here in USA on visit visa , I advised her to come to my country and marry me there ... Then she came and marry with me ... And mane sponsored me ... And now she withdraw... However I have 3 year more visit visa valid on my passport out of 5 years
  6. What about my visit visa? Can I travel on it now?
  7. Dear all , Today I received call from embassy that my petition (wife) is withdraw the case .. My interview was on 4th September 2018. If it will be continued ? Or resubmit the case ?
  8. I know , I just want to take safe side ... Because I want to safe my travel history and visit visa of US
  9. If she does not like me or anything then tell me , she is mature , but I m combusted the whole family is not receiving my call and reply me back of my messages , voice messages .... I m confused , what is going on with me .... If she don't want to live and if she do not want me to come to usa then tell me .... What is this way that not receiving my call and do not reply .... Why they all are hiding at this stage because my interview is come close and I m at the last step... We were waiting for this moment
  10. That's what I want to know what's going on ! She talked to me on 16th August . Last talked she said what are your plans for future I said let's talk on weekend ! Then no response ...
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