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  1. OMGEEEEE! I AM SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR....I LITERALLY JUST GOT NOTICE OF APPROVAL (FROM CASE TRACKER) AFTER RFE 🤗🤗🤗! NOA1 aug 8 2018 RFE jan 9 2019 RFE REPLY/SENT jan 31 2019 RFE RESPONSE RECEIVED feb 4 2019 APPROVED FEB 8 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! took only 4 days to get approval after it was received... @Etek&Ahududu hang in there...yours approval is on its way!
  2. hi...what day did you send out your rfe response and what day did they receive? never mind i read further down the time line and got my answers...congrats btw!
  3. wow...opposite for me...old site hasn't updated since noa1...new site shows rfe issued...now i am waiting on rfe received (which they got today) but i know it will take a couple of days to atleast get to the right person...
  4. i hate to be the barrier of bad news...but that is an RFE!...i have informed delivery...i got one today also!...our envelope are identical...from previous posts...the approval letter looks different in informed delivery...sorry...but best wishes!
  5. yea...uscis want 1 letter of intent with original signiture from each person...but best wishes forward!
  6. right...did you see my post to you about calling uscis to find out your rfe reason?
  7. lol forget it...i really dont want to make a big deal...i just thought it was funny...i am not referring to yours...i am referring to a congrats reply you sent to someone who had clearly said they gotten an rfe...but it is ok lol...and congrats btw! lol its ok
  8. umm i did not reply to you...you have no idea what i am referring to. @PandT (mistakenly) congratulated @Etek&Ahududu when they shared they had gotten an rfe!
  9. lol you just told them congrats to their RFE 😂