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  1. True. I also saw some on the facebook group who are scheduled for interview. The other one's office is california. So lucky.
  2. Hello, My case is in MSC. My NOA1 date is 2/21/19, which i received in the mail like 4-5 days later. then my I-797C which is the bio, is 2/22/19. But it got lost in the mail and I requested for a copy online since it got lost, then i received it in the mail last Saturday, 3/9. My bio appt is this thursday.
  3. Got my bio appt this thurs, 3/14. 😊
  4. Saw a letter coming from informed delivery (USPS) I am not sure though if it's extension letter or biometric appt letter 🤣 Date filed: Feb 14 Case received and case number (MSC): Feb 21
  5. Hello guys, I sent my packet yesterday and it will arrive saturday. So nervous and exciting at the same time! 😊
  6. I saw some posts that if your end goal is to be a citizen, then you can file N400 (90 days before 3rd year GC anniversary) and most of the cases is being processed a lot faster since N400 has more priority than I-751. They usually do a JOINT I-751/N400 interview. But some people also says that it really depends on the local office workloads. I plan to do that too next year. 😊
  7. Hello. Feb 2019 filer here as well. Im preparing my packet to send next week. Good luck to us! 😊
  8. https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 Click the link then check where to file.