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  1. Hi, We didn't qualify for it so we paid the whole fee. We received the decision within a month so if you're not in a hurry, you could try applying with the reduced fee waiver. :)
  2. Yes, I have my I751 pending but decided to file N-400 right away since most of the experiences I've read, it speeds up the processing time, since N400 has more priority than I-751.
  3. I see. Yes, Eau claire is like an hour drive from us.
  4. Thank you!! I might plan to do early biometrics if i am in the st paul area and after I got my bio letter since I live 2 hrs away from the ASC. May I ask how long did you wait until you got your bio letter online after you filed? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, i am from the same field office too. Were they busy when you walked in? Also, did they ask for a reason why you walked in earlier than your appointment? Thank you!
  6. Unfortunately, we are not qualified anymore if I added my income this year. But I explained on the next page that I had a change of income this year, and our 2019 taxes was showing our previous income which qualifies for the I-942. And the documentation they require is the 2019 tax return and 2019 W2s. I dont have a paystub yet since I just started working..
  7. Thank you for the advice!! The first day that I am eligible is on a saturday (15th) and that monday, the 17th is a federal holiday. So i think they will receive my papers on Feb 18th. And correction, I will be receiving my paystub on the 21st. So i am really confused.
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering about the household income part, we will be filing our taxes on feb 8th. Then after a week i will be filing my citizenship on Feb 15th, since that is the first day I am eligible. But I just got hired yesterday for a part time job. I was curious if do I need to put my new annual income on the form? Although, one of the proofs I need to submit with form I-942 is the tax return (which will be filing on Feb 8th). I am not sure if we are still qualified if I added my new income. But on the tax form my new income won't reflect because i just started working.. So I am really not sure if the basis of the I-942 is the recent tax return showing 2019 income or with also my annual income which I haven't earned yet. I just got started working today. So I think I will receive my pay next friday or next next. Feb 7th or 14th. Thanks guys! I hope you could enlighten me on this part.
  9. Just checked my status and got the Case is ready to be scheduled for interview. I filed Feb 14, 2019. 😊
  10. Just checked my status and got the Case is ready to be scheduled for interview. I filed Feb 14, 2019. 😊
  11. True. I also saw some on the facebook group who are scheduled for interview. The other one's office is california. So lucky.
  12. Hello, My case is in MSC. My NOA1 date is 2/21/19, which i received in the mail like 4-5 days later. then my I-797C which is the bio, is 2/22/19. But it got lost in the mail and I requested for a copy online since it got lost, then i received it in the mail last Saturday, 3/9. My bio appt is this thursday.
  13. Saw a letter coming from informed delivery (USPS) I am not sure though if it's extension letter or biometric appt letter 🤣 Date filed: Feb 14 Case received and case number (MSC): Feb 21
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