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  1. Congrats what was your service center location?
  2. I wish my wife will get here soon. We filed august 26th. I'm thinking we won't here anything till March 2019. Prayers will get interview soon. Illinois filed, should be Chicago office.
  3. good afternoon VJ ers, I have a quick question. I would like to bring my brother here to the us. he is married in philippines. could he come here and if so how long would it take or would it be best for him to come under my mom as a permeant resident. any and all advice will help. Jose and Helen
  4. September 18, are you filing for the Chicago office?
  5. Yup yup thank you it's been a long time since we filed. Lets hope for a quick interview on citizenship.
  6. Sweet thank you ,if I remember correctly its form I-485?
  7. congrats!!!! Hopefully we will be soon. I only pray. Quick question fellow vjers. My mother in law is here on a tourist visa if my wife gets her citizenship before she departs within the 6 months allowed. Can she stay while we file for immediate family once citizenship is granted? Thanks guys and gals!!
  8. Do I go on the ucis website to get the 551 stamp? What the cost for it? Done go to the passport center directly to set an e appointment. Kindly help me out never knew about the 551. Thank you for your help.
  9. Good morning fellow vjers, I need some help!! Me and wife just filed her citizenship along with my step daughters citizenship as well. My wife went to the dmv to renew her license and they put the expiring date of the green card which is 11/11/2018. Now that is basically the last day my wife can drive legally. Please help guys what should we do in the situation. Do I have to file for the green card renewal as well?
  10. We got an update from bio yesterday. We file August 26 and bio was September 18th and it says estimated competition will be November 2019. Does this seem accurate guys? We in in Illinois our office would be Chicago.
  11. It says 12 to 14 months. As my friend lives in PA. Everywhere is different. He got his start to finish was 8 months and I'm thinking chicago would be half the time I'm hoping. Thank you
  12. Ok.I just wanted to make sure bc on the instructions says if you live in Illinois it goes to Arizona lock box. So what processing times do I go by ? Lockbox or my local field office. Our account on line says 14 to 18 months but when I click Chicago field office in processing times it says 11 to 14 months. Thanks
  13. I just filed my wife and step daughter n400 we live in suburbs of Chicago and on my account it says 14 to 18 months but says Arizona field office. But wouldn't it be Chicago. Please help vjers Filed 8/26 Noa 8/27 Bio 9/18 Jose