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  1. I am in the same boat too, we received our case number June 22 2019 and submitted all the forms fees and required documents today. Does anyone have any idea how long nvc take to review the documents and what's the next stage?
  2. How did you get Medicaid when you have sufficient income to support others?
  3. We have separate case numbers. But nvc said we have to pay one fees for related cases
  4. We just paid one affadavit of support fee for my inlaws i.e. $ 120. Separate Petitions were filled but both approved together. But we had to pay Visa fee of $ 325 for both of them
  5. Hello everyone I need some on one of the ds260 qs. My husband is US citizen applied for his parents. We are at the filling stage of form ds260. It asked if " your spouse is immigrating with you " Should we say yes to this question? As both my inlaws case is at same stage ? Or should we say no because both cases are independent of each other?
  6. Which civil documents for beneficiary and petitioner are needed to upload along with DS 260? need help
  7. Thank you for clarifying my position
  8. I was wondering if they can apply tourist Visa while pending 130 petition
  9. My mother and father in law are in immigration process. Their I 130 is under process for approval.
  10. But if you study the current law of adjustment of status, if someone is illegally stayed or overstayed in any circumstances They won't be able to adjust their status.
  11. My husband doesn't want to go back he is USC. I was and would always be happier there. But if you have a strong bond distance never matter
  12. Not even for the length of stay. We will mention two months as she intends to stay with me for two months I just want to clarify those two things and I got really good responses thanks
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