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  1. We are on the same boat interview was done on Nov 19 2019 and since then we are blindly waiting for passport with visa. Please let me if you get your passport back
  2. We are in same boat, they kept the passports since 60 days did not ask for any documents. just keep changing dates on ceac but no update at all.
  3. Can you please let me know how did you contact them and what did you write in email?
  4. Yes we are from Karachi originally and living in Georgia right now My MIL & FIL case is pending at Islamabad embassy for visa issuance Don't know what's the issue and whom to contact Ceac website says case ready
  5. But is there any reason for delay? Like the case status doesn't say it's under AM nor its asking us any further documents and there is no quota for parents So we don't understand the reason for delay. We did email but no response
  6. Good luck to all of you who has interview schedules in coming weeks Please let us know the results and passport pickups details
  7. Ceac says "ready" Yes they contacted but could get any information
  8. My MIL and FIL had there interviews on Nov 19 and they got approved but we are still waiting for the passports. Is there any way anyone know about it?
  9. Does anyone know the visa category of parents of USC for immigration? Like it has some quota for the year and its always available for parents?
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