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  1. My interview experienced for Global Entry: My appointment was yesterday at 4:30pm, I arrived at the JFK airport an hour early than my appointment. I'm hesitant to get in since I'm an hour early to my appointment. I approached the lady at the door and asked if that is the right location for the Global Entry application, she said yes and asked me to get in. I told her that my appointment is at 4:30pm, she said it's fine and I can seat inside as long as I have an appointment, I showed to her my appointment and she said you're good please log in here. After I logged in she told me to go at the waiting area with some people waiting as well. After 10 minutes of waiting an Asian guy called my name and told me to follow to his office. After entering his office he asked me to show to him my US passport and driver's license, he checked my passport information versus the one on his computer, he did the finger print and took a picture as well. He asked as well for my complete name, birth date and current address. He then discussed about the Global Entry program which I 'm already aware, then he asked couple questions: Did you violate any federal law? Did you commit any crimes? These are the only questions I remembered but I believe it was 4 questions which I responded NO to all of them. After the questions he said, I will approved your application today, you can start using your GE once you got the email approval. I thanked him and he asked me if I have questions and I said no and he escorted me outside. I got the email approval after 30 minutes of my interview while I'm on my way home. It's like less 10 minutes interview which is mainly a verification based on your application. I was out at 4:00pm though my interview was set at 4:30pm. So far it's a good experienced and workers are nice and friendly.
  2. Update on my Global Entry Application: Submitted online first week of May 2019 Got Conditionally Approved September 2019 Interview Scheduled next week and I'm hoping to get the approval before I will travel next month. I will post my interview experience once I'm done with the process.
  3. Agreed on this, here's what written on the N-445 question number 8. Since your interview, have you practiced polygamy, received income from illegal gambling, been involved inprostitution, helped anyone enter the United States illegally, trafficked controlled substances, given false testimonyto obtain immigration benefits, or been a habitual drunkard?
  4. To add, it's prone to lost compared to filing papers, you know courier can be careless sometimes.
  5. Yes, it will also instructed on the packet that they will give to you during your oath ceremony.
  6. It could be a combo interview I-171/N-400 respectively, bring your wife with you.
  7. Exactly my thought about it, the IO on our oath ceremony told us to sign the NC before we surrender the GC, maybe some local states does there oath taking differently. LOL!
  8. This is exactly my thought! about it. Good thing I never used Marijuana or even touch it LOL! Well people should think the consequences specially if they want to be US citizen.
  9. During my interview the IO asked about my hired dates as well as my spouse from our previous companies. I find it very odd since some people have bad memories, but good thing I still remember all of these. Just memorize them just on the safe side in case the IO will ask you, because you don't know what kind of IO you will deal with, some are friendly but some are not and very tedious. Good luck!
  10. Is this applicable if the travel abroad is work related and not a life-or-death emergency?
  11. NC is not a valid travel document, you need US passport to enter the country once you're naturalized, the only options that you have were mentioned already by @H&T
  12. Nothing my dear, just enjoy and have fun after all of these years waiting, you guys deserve to celebrate, don't forget to toss a wine for me. Well, some work to do but less waiting. Here you go: Apply for passport Register to vote Update his status from PR to USC at the SSS office after 10 days being US citizen. Congratulations again!
  13. Thank you both, I'm really hoping I can get an interview and approval before I fly. I don't want to deal with too much hassle and the fact that I have to be at the airport early because of long line for check in luggage and TSA. Especially when coming back knowing how busy JFK airport is. I will try the mobile passport as an interim if in case I still don't get the interview and approval.
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