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  1. your green card wont work on the scanner machine. You need to fall in line like what the tourist does since you have expired green card. That's what I did when travelling back to JFK with extension letter and expired green card.
  2. Does the IO that conducted the interview for your N-400 told you about any evidences that were missing or need additional information?
  3. He're the meaning, you case is under second security for the accuracy of the background check. count·er·check /ˈkoun(t)ərˌCHek/ noun noun: counter-check 1. a second check for security or accuracy. 2. ARCHAIC a restraint. verb ARCHAIC verb: counter-check 1. stop (something) by acting to cancel or counteract it. "the king with his own hand wrote to countercheck his former decree"
  4. I agree on @Sukie I only submitted the transcripts from IRS and it was totally fine. USCIS only wants to know if you're filing together and filing taxes every year.
  5. Combined interview for I-751/N400 is not a sure thing. It depends on the service center discretion if they will combine the interview or not. Some service center do combine interview some were not. I believe your lawyer are not aware that combine interview is doable, but your lawyer should answer you it may or it may not gonna happen. Try to do a research if your Service Center do combine interview.
  6. I feel you, most people here also vent out their frustration. All of us will get over of this once we become US citizen.
  7. First Congrats that you're over with USCIS. Second, I'm not in hurry to become a US citizen, that can wait and that is also one of the reason I did not file my N-400 even on the day of my eligibility. I'm the kind of person that believes in one at the time process, since I get overwhelmed if there are too much happening, life is too short and I dont want to be stressed on a lot of things. I still believe every Service Centers have their own process on how to adjudicate the application, that's why not all people are getting combo interview like the case of this member that did not get combo interview, but filing n-400 is a good shot specially for those who are still waiting for more a 1.5 year for their I-751 to be processed. I'm lucky enough that my I-751 was over on the 13th month and well prepared before submitting my application.
  8. Exactly not every Service Centers do combo interview that's why I'm hesitant to submit my N-400 application while my I-751 is still in pending, since I don't want back and fort communication from USCIS
  9. I think you should be getting another 18 months extensions letter with watermarks. I've seen some VJ members got it after they received the courtesy copy. I will not travel with courtesy copy since most airline check the watermarks of the extension letter and if they dont see the watermarks the airline might give you a hard time to board the plane. But then again you can get the I-551 stamp without the appointment if you show to your local field office that you have upcoming trip.
  10. It's a courtesy copy, meaning not the official 18 months extension letter with the watermarks. OP can get I-551 stamp without infopass appointment as long as they have ticket to prove that they have upcoming trip.
  11. You can do it without the appointment as long as you have the ticket to show that you have upcoming trip.
  12. A letter of explanation will also a big help plus the suggestions of these two. That's what I did when my name was not listed on the lease. If you can show to USCIS as well that both of you paying the lease then it will a huge plus.
  13. The answer to your question is actually on the USCIS website. See below: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-continuing-form-i-751-data-entry
  14. again, docs like this should not be posted online with the barcode, since the barcode contains your confidential information that can easily scan anywhere and steal online. Lets be careful enough Folks!