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    October 20th 2015 Ryan and I met online.
    First just as friends, talking about the game application we both play.
    Little did I know my soul mate was on the other end miles away.
    This friendship quickly flourished and we decided to start a long distance relationship.
    We began to text each other every night and talk and sleep on the phone.
    The distance is tough but worth the wait if forever is around the corner.

    In 2016, we discussed finally meeting each other
    We decided to meet in November 2016 to stay over the Thanksgiving period.
    He flew in to Chicago O'hare and I will never forget that day and the nerves waiting on someone I knew so well, just never in person.

    When he came through customs it was a feeling I will never forget.
    Originally he was only going to stay 3 weeks and ended up staying in the US for a few months. We spent Christmas and New years together.

    My son whom is 13 absolutely adores him and to this day my son refers to him as his “best friend”.

    We had an amazing first Christmas together as a family with myself, Ryan, and my son.
    The time passed so quickly and before we knew it, it was time for Ryan to fly home after the New Year.
    Dropping him off at the airport each visit was devastating.
    When he is gone, I am incomplete.
    He visited again for my Birthday and Easter.
    August of 2017, Ryan visited me by surprise. So Happy!
    But a few weeks in to his stay, my Grandmother passed away.
    Myself, Ryan, and my son Tyler drove down Illinois for the funeral where he met the rest of my family.

    October of 2017 Ryan bought me a ring:
    He got down on one knee and proposed to me and I said yes.
    He is the most wonderful man I know.
    Ryan than had to leave again. and we both worked for a year building and saving money.
    This had been the most difficult and longest time separated since we first met.
    We were reunited again in November 2018 and spent our second Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together.
    For Thanksgiving we drove to New Baden to spend it with family.
    Christmas and New year we spent together as a family.

    Ryan left again February 2019 after my first ultra sound and being 4 plus weeks expecting.
    We had our little girl this August and Ryan flew to the U.S. for her birth and than back home in September to complete his medical and interview.
    We received our NOA2 on June 20 and approved for our K1 Visa on October 4th at the Embassy in London.
    We now have been issued the K1 Visa and were reunited on October 23 of this year.

    Our wedding was November 8th and we finally said “we do” for the rest of our lives.
    I know one day we will be able to explain to our daughter, Hannah, the story of her mother and father and how we made it against all odds;
    To never give up on love and some things are simply meant to be and by chance.

    I wish everyone here the same and to be united with your loved ones.

    Love knows no boundaries 🙏💕
    Here is to ❤️ and an eternity of happiness !

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  1. Signed.🙏 Make sure you verify email address to be counted. Seriously, So sad ... I’m speechless
  2. Green Card came in early this morning🙏🍾🎈🎊🥂! Pretty sure we will see many more on the way. Officially taking a small break until ROC. We found this site after submitting the K1 and initially paid for RV Premium Processing. The rest of the process we decided to DIY with guides and advice here. At times very frustrating and not feedback we wanted but needed to hear. In hindsight, appreciated. From the new to tenure VJ members that make up this site, the knowledge is priceless. Thanks Again! Sarah n Ryan
  3. Added Ryan without a SS number. Updated it later. Massive increase in my payments of course. But, I did sign that I’m responsible for my husband and would have added him regardless. I asked HR before he arrived. I did get push back and jumped some hoops. I was told the exact same thing. Eventually had a ss placeholder short term. You can definitely ask for an expedite. But be persistent that a ss number is not required, they will add you. Good luck.
  4. That’s amazing Congrats!🎈🍾! I know of 5 cases now. My husband and another couple that was approved came from the same field office and same apt day. IDK how or why just feel super lucky. Pretty sure we may see more and more waived if your apt was already scheduled and cancelled. Amidst all that the world is going through, it’s nice to see some good news.
  5. Just received the update of our tracking number. Says it will be delivered Thursday. Getting very real now. This may just happen. Ahhhh!!!! Thanks @Sarge2155 for your help on this step.
  6. @Sarge2155 update was “Card Mailed to me” on April 10th. Does it come pretty quick and through USPS? How long was it for your wife to get in hand? Curious as to how often we should be checking or how long it took ? You were right but want that card in my hand first. 😂 Thanks
  7. @Zoeeeeeee.. been awhile my friend. Thank you so much. Hope you have transitioned well and all is good for the both of you ❤️🎈🎊!
  8. That would be amazing and I’ll pm you. I have to show you this lit up and your Breville 👍. And not the pms in the past stressing over the interview. Want to know why ? We got approved yesterday. Yeah. Still in shock that I’m done for awhile with this. And still a relief writing it ! Cheers 🍵 !
  9. Same here- basic packet and the mandatory. Trying to find a reason and looked at our copy. Can speculate but no clue. We threw in the lease from our Townhouse, Baby Girls BC, she’s 8 months now(huge daddy’s girl), and Electric in Ryan’s name. Definitely will report back. If I could invite you and your wife over for some well over due tea, I would. Hated tea and vowed I’d never drink it. He picked out a pretty elite set up when he arrived home for good. Never knew kettles light up blue. 😂😂 Officially now a tea junkie 💯👍😊🎊🎈! Be safe and well .. thank you!
  10. @Letspaintcookies. Our AOS interview was waived today and Ryan was approved with card in production. I’m not sure January filers have seen my post or not. Keep up your hope that it may be approved quicker than you think. I pray all of you experience the same. And wish you the best 🙏🎊❤️!
  11. 😂😂. Yes, what a relief that we may be done until ROC. @Sarge2155, you were the first I met here and welcomed me on the April Forum. Than @Greenbaum who taught me very early on to trust the process. To our interview in the UK and the help we had from @Wuozopo. Sometimes in life we cross paths with others that impact us more than they realize. Thank You. Very thankful to all you.
  12. For sure. I knew of @Sarge2155 and then another that was scheduled the same day and office as ours. Hoping you see yours soon too @yoda one for me. You’ve been very helpful to us and thank you !
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