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  1. Since the Ny court suspended the public charge do we need to upload the ds5540 in ceac or no we can bring it to interview during to the court ? And Is the beneficiary current income is red flag or just the work history
  2. If I provide bank statement and we own home at interview are we still need joint sponsor
  3. To sponsor me my husband need 27k and he make this 29 which is the more just 2 k more thats taxes 2019 he was make 32k so do we need joint sponsor to be in safe zone ? thanks for y’all so much
  4. My 2018 it’s show more than my 2019 and I got the copy of transcript it’s show everything right except the total and growth income it’s less than I make even if I still above I just don’t know what should put as is in my transcript with mistaken or what
  5. This meaning I can put the 1040 and w2 in my affidavit of support with less k and upload it to nvc and when it’s coming to interview I will show the correct income with my amended or can u make it clear for me more
  6. It’s the gross income number it’s less couple of k can Iput the real number in the my affidavit of support and attachment 1040.x and the new new w2 form ?
  7. In my 2019 transcript the gross income it’s show less make during to fault from my company W2 and now I admended 1040x and the company they will send new w2 and it will take up to 16 weeks To irs to fix it so what should do ? Whats option I have cuz 16 weeks it’s a lot to be waiting thanks so much for helping
  8. Yes that’s why Iam so confusing cuz some said yes and some said no
  9. Iam sorry for it but I was post it many times cuz I was need more opinion some said yes and some said no and this make me so stress
  10. My husband his child is 18 years old and he live with him in USA in 2019 it’s show he is dependent on him so do I need as beneficiary to add him in my ds260 and ds5540 applicant or no ?thanks so much
  11. My husband he has son 18 years old and he is love with him in USA do I need to add him in my ds5540 And my ds260. Or no ? Hope some help so I can fill out my forms thanks y’all
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