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  1. Our USCIS status was changed to "approved" on September 12, and several days later my fiance got his NOA2 letter. It's October 7 now, and we haven't got anything from the NVC, so we still don't know the case number. How long did you wait for your NVC K-1 case number after getting NOA 2?
  2. Not at all. They updated our status and said, they received our RFE response on Saturday. The last Saturday of August, to be more precise. My SO mailed the response on Tuesday, so you are wrong.
  3. He initially included only a bunch of our pictures and sent nothing else. When he got the RFE, however, we checked all the evidence together several times.😄😄😄
  4. My American SO and I met in Israel ( I had to fly there too, because we both wanted to visit Jerusalem), and he ran across overly suspicious security agents in Ben Gurion, who confiscated his laptop and entry & exit permits, as he was about to board a plane back to the USA. As the result, my love permanently lost both his laptop and the primary evidence of his visit. That has been our only meeting IRL so far. He applied for my K-1 this Spring and 3 months later we got the RFE for not including passport style pictures and the evidence of meeting. Unfortunately Israel no longer stamps passports, so those entry & exit permits are extremely important. I've got all my documents, including the Israeli stay permits, passport stamps, proving I left my own country and later got back, boarding passes, flight itinerary, paid hotel receipt and what not. My fiancé , however, has only the boarding pass from Israel to the USA, a paid flight itinerary and a paid hotel receipt ( we stayed at the same hotel), as well as our picture , where we were holding our Israeli stay permits. It was taken from a distance, and one can't see those permits clearly. We called the Israeli Embassy, and they said, they could mail him the government entry & exit records, corroborating his visit, but it would take more than a month, and our deadline was in the beginning of September, so we had to respond to the RFE and send them what evidence we had. Do you think, it will be enough or not? My elderly father has serious heart problems, and his condition hasn't really improved since I told him the news...
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