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    My wife and our son. Those are my main interest. Everything else is secondary.

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    My wife & I met in Tampa Florida back in 2006 and almost instantly fell in love. She moved to Miami shortly after and in March of 2008 we were blessed with the birth of our first son Nicolas. We married in September of 2008. My wife had applied for political assylum years before I met her and in October of 2008 she finally had her hearing which was ultimately denied.

    She was given the choice to apeal, or leave within 30 days. We chose to leave while I petitioned her on a CR1. We filed the CR1 in February of 2009 and on October 3rd of 2009, we recieved the Visa. It was a bumpy ride and eventhough we were put on AP, we were very lucky that our process only lasted about 8 months from start to finish.

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  1. I'm filing the I-130 for my 20 year old Step Daughter to come live in the States. My wife and her father were never married. Will that hinder our case? Is there something that I need to add to the file?
  2. My wife went in for he citizenship test this past Monday. Although she passed the verbal test, she was given form N-652 stating that A decision cannot yet be made about the application. My wife has a 17 year old daughter that lives with her father in Colombia. My wife was never married to her ex. He has court ordered full custody of the child and though my wife has made many attempts to stay in touch with the father, his ego refuses to accept any help (money or other) from my wife (the child's mother). So. At this point I feel out of options. There is no court ordered child support, but the ex also refuses to sign an affidavit stating that he refused child support as well. As far as I can see, we would have to wait until the child turns 18 next year and re-apply for citizenship then. Has anyone else gone through something like this? If so can you advise? Greatly appreciated. Fernando
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