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  1. Upload it again, and put in comments that the Embassy requested you upload the 2017 tax transcripts to CAEC. Good luck.
  2. That is 100% dependent on the embassy. Some people have to wait 9 months for an interview, like Mexico. I received CC in 7 days, but my case is now at the embassy and I can schedule my own appoint as close as 3 days away. You have to remember, some people have medical emergencies and other vital situations they are expediting for. It may not be worth it for you, but for others it is very worth it. Good luck.
  3. That is normal, it happens right before case status goes to "In Transit". I got the same message, good luck!
  4. Thanks, I understand the differences. I was just wondering why the OP oped for K-1 instead of CR-1, since it is a much easier process. I figured they would want to avoid the future hassle since they have been denied a Visa in the past. Anyhow best of luck on what ever they decide, the previous denial should not have an impact on their decision.
  5. Is there a particular reason you prefer K-1 over CR-1 visa? It is much more expensive and now days isn't that much faster. From what I have seen over the years, K-1s are denied more often than CR1/IR1. I know someone that got denied the K-1 last year and has re-applied fro CR1, they are currently awaiting interview now. Not trying to convince you, just wondering why K-1.
  6. I only uploaded co-sponsors tax transcripts for 16-18. I was approved. Make sure you upload them separately. Have your co-sponsor request W-2 and take to the interview just in case. Good luck.
  7. You still need to take everything you uploaded to CAEC to your interview. That is a generic statement, in which those that did not upload their 2018 taxes should take them to the interview even if they didn't upload them. Good luck.
  8. Congrats! My case was never update online until it was send to department of state.
  9. The U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia just received my case, my status went from "IN TRANSIT" to "Ready" in just one day. MY case is expedited so I have to wait for embassy to contact me to schedule our interview. My timeline is is my signature. Congratulations to all of those that have had their VISA issued or awaiting them after the interview!
  10. I don't believe so unless you are deployed overseas or a Department of State employee working at an overseas post. When I was deployed in 2011, I went thru the entire process in less than 4 months, case was expedited at both USCIS and NVC.
  11. You answered the question correctly, your medical packet will include proof of required vaccines. Don't worry. It will be corrected at the interview. Inform the CO. Good luck.
  12. Typical 6 to 8 weeks after your I-130 petition is approved. However, it may take more or less time depending on when NVC receives your case. Good luck.
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