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  1. When did you send it? Coz mine took 5 days till they approved my case.
  2. Hello, can someone update my Oath Ceremony? It’s gonna be on October 22. Thank you ☺️
  3. Hi! Can someone please update my timeline, I had my interview on September 13, got an RFE. And September 23 my application was approved. Now I’m just waiting for my Oath Ceremony date. Thank you!
  4. The father has custody, we are not married i was abused that’s why I left and he doesn’t want to give me my child when i tried talking to him. He will only give the child once i go back to him. So it’s a no for me. And up until now he doesn’t want me to have a communication with my daughter. I did try to send her some monetary through my friend but he got angry and threatened my friend. I’m sorry if this sounds weird to you. I was just wondering where can i get the court order that the USCIS is asking?
  5. Hi! I have the same issue, I got the letter of continuance and it says i only have one chance to do it. I tried to click the one on the left side and it leads me to the letter. And I just printed the letter and will send them through mail today.
  6. Thank you for the answer, It’s just so confusing coz when the father doesn’t have the signature it means he is not the legal father,so i was thinking the same thing that it applies to me as I don’t have my signature on the documents. By the way it is a Philippine Birth Certificate.
  7. Hi! My question is if I am still the legal mother since I didn’t get to sign it infront of a government officials.
  8. HI! It list me as a mother on the first page. I am talking about the one that you need to sign on the Affidavit of Paternity and Affidavit of Acknowledgement section.
  9. Hello, I have my daughter’s birth certificate with me but I don’t have the signature as a mother. The reason was my ex boyfriend did register my daughter without me. My question is Am i still My child’s legal mother? Thank you.
  10. Hi Guys! I had my interview today, I passed the civic and written test but the IO hand me the paper with "decisions cannot be made yet" and they send me a letter of Notice of Continuance which they are asking for my daughter's Birth Certificate which i just noticed that I don't have the signature in the document as a mother. Coz my ex boyfriend did it without my presence. And also I failed to list my daughter on my ROC but she was listed on the CR1 visa. That is why they are asking for a letter of explanation why i failed to list my child. And they are also asking for a court order which I don't have. My question is, should I let them know on the letter that I didn't get to sign the birth certificate infront of a government employee? And please I need some advice what to do. Thank you!
  11. Hi! I got my interview schedule September 13. If you guys want to update it.
  12. Any March filer that can’t see their estimated case completion? I can’t see mine. Last time I checked my estimated case completion is July 2019.
  13. Yeah. I applied March this year. I’m just a little worried why I can’t see my Estimated case completion.
  14. Hi guys! Just wondering if I should be worried, last time I check my case completion was July 2019. And yesterday when I checked, case completion is gone. But in the buttom it says we are taking longer than expected to process your case.
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