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  1. Texas service center, my case was sent to the department of State on February 1st, my attorney sent them an email asking if they have an invoice number for my case, and they just replied, we have to wait within 30-60 days :/ ...
  2. I was approved exactly 2 months ago, and I haven't heard anything from uscis 😔 7 months waiting for NOA 2, and it's not enough for them, 2 months since I was approved and nothing? Are u kidding me? How long I'll have to wait just to continue with the NVC process? I pray to the lord for the people responsible for the delay of the immigration process , they are forcing families to be separate and it's not fair.
  3. MMEE

    Withdrawal of Application for Admission

    My entry was denied to the United States, because I was traveling with a B2 visa and Im married with an USC citizen, the maximum time I have spent in the states it was 1 month and 15 , and I wasn't traveling often, i was traveling every 4 or 5 moths, and just for 20 days, and it was only twice I spent a month and a half there, as you I signed for the withdrawal of application for admission, it doesnt say something about a ban, and I was inadmissible under the same section as you, BUT!!!!!!! I'm going to need the waiver, my attorney told me something really important, sometimes they just give you the opportunity to withdrawn your application for admission and your inadmissible in that moment under section 212 A 7 a I i, but that means that they found u were inadmissible under that section, only that day in that moment , almost every inadmisibility under 212 A 7 a I I carries with it another inadmisibility later, they look for your record they look for every little thing just to make you inadmissible for an INA section that requires a waiver, so of course if you try to enter to the states or try to immigrate your going to be inadmissible because of your previous traveling record, I see you have been very persistent to go to the states, maybe you have family, a girlfriend , fiancé etc etc there, so if you have it, you should start a the process soon, because it's taking a lot of time now.
  4. Thank U 4 sharing your experience with us, now that we know that they are not sending the files to the NVC fast, I think we have a month or a month and a half for preparing the documents por the NVC step, I was approved January 10, I hope to hear something from the NVC in middle-ending February, but I already have my passport pictures, the pictures for the medicals , and the appointement this week for the police certificate, I think it's a way to save time later.
  5. My priority date is June 22 Texas service center, I was approved January 10th, so I'm sure you r very close to get the approval, maybe with that you can make up things with your wife, because U r going to be close to finally live together! Good luck
  6. My PD is June 22, Texas service center , and I was approved in january 10th but the case stills appear as received , I called yesterday and tier2 told me to wait within 90 days to received a case number from the NVC , so the waiting game starts again 😂
  7. If this information helps you... my PD was June 22, I tried to send an inquiry and I received the response "inquiry may not be created this time" bla bla bla ... I called until I was able to talk with a helpful tier 2 And I told him, I 130 cases around my case have been approved,the case before and after mine have been updated since December 13 , (so they should have been approved since November 13 at least) so of course I think my petition is not in normal processing time so I asked him if he was able to send an inquiry for me, and he told me he was able to unblock the system to allow me to send to inquiry because he saw all of the cases around mine were already approved , so he told me: try to do the service request now, and that time I could send the inquiry with no problem, so I think if you PD is after February 22, you only can make the inquiry if you call first because of the system, or if you filled the immigration congressional inquiry form of your congressman or representstives , they are allow to send an inquiry no matter the PD you have. I sent the inquiry on January 2nd I got A response on January 6th that said my case was under additional review, that I should hear a decision in 60 days, but I called to ask what kind of addiontal review, when I called tier 2 they told me my case was under review since November 2017, and we were approved in January 10th but we got the letter yesterday, and the system is not updated yet. My advice is if you want to inquiry, look for help of your representatives in the webpages you can find the steps and the form for making the immigration inquiry .
  8. So I bet a lot of you have been approved already as me but its the system that shows the case with no update
  9. OMG while I was texting my attorney and she was telling me "I'm sorry maybe it's for real they are working in February cases" she texted me again and told me "you can't believe it I have the uscis letter with your approval here" I don't know when I was approved , the system is not updated yet, stills appears as received but guys finally , IM APPROVED! PD June 22, TSC, sent an inquiry in January 2nd.
  10. PD June 22 No approval no RFE I have seen so many June approvals with priority date near mine 😭 But 208 days and still waiting, looks like submitting the inquire it wasn't worth it 😞
  11. I don't know what's wrong with them, every time I called n speak with Tier 2 they tell me something different, on Monday they told me my case was still pending, on tuesday they told me my file is waiting for security checks, yesterday they told me they are working in February filers and I will have to wait 4 months more, And in January 6th I received a letter from uscis with this response to my inquiry "we have had to perform additional review and this has caused a delay in processing time. Your case is currently with an adjudication officer. You should receive a decision or notice of further action within 60 days" . So honestly IDK what's true 🌝.
  12. Hello Trina, you know my spouse and I are in a similar situation as you, so let me tell you the process it's not wrong, because I'm living the same with the I-130 petition, we also submitted an inquiry in January 2nd, we got a response in January 6th. The email and letter we got said this "we have had to perform additional review and this has caused a delay in processing time. Your case is currently with an adjudication officer, you should receive a decision or notice within 60 days" . So we called again and talked with tier 2, and asked him to explain what kind of review they are doing, and he told us, he doesn't know the number of the officer has our case, and told us, are many background checks, and our case is under FBI and immigration background check because of the previous Tourist visa cancelled because of the "intended immigrant" thing, don't have a criminal record at all, but yes I had the issue with immigration and we were told we have to wait 2 months and a half, or three, because that officer has to return our file to the adjudication officer who's going to approved when the FBI and immigration background check finally ends, so if you would have submitted the I-130 u would be married right know but the story it would be the same girl 😞. The only thing we could do Right know it's sending a immigration congressional inquiry, we have it ready but we are going to send it in February 1st and we are asking to the congresswoman to ask uscis if they could speed up a little bit that background check. But that's all , nothing but wait! So I bet they are doing the same with your file but in 7 months it was the first time a tier 2 was helpful and kind with us, in pretty sure in your service center they are more rude, less helpful and they also have a overload with the files, and they sent you the standard response of the inquiry, but I'm sure your file is in background checks before mine, you'll see you'll have the approval before. Good luck Trina and I hope this information helps u.
  13. Yes, if you don't get and approval when cases around u start being approved maybe you can ask for help with your congressman/congresswoman , look for info in the webpage... wish our cases get the approval soon and finish dealing with Texas service center!!!! Have a nice day!
  14. Do you think they are not related to each other? Mmmmm I'm not sure because there is a resource in her webpage called "help with federal agents" then there's the option to help with the immigration cases and there is the immigration congressional inquiry Form...