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    We met 15 years ago on a return flight from my friend's wedding in Udon Thani, Thailand. She was with someone then, but we remained friends. Now, we're ready to marry!

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  1. IrvineCAGuy

    10 Year Visa Ban

    Thank you all for your mostly kind thoughts and suggestions. I just got off the phone and got her timeline history: It is indeed complicated - she had a Visa that was going to expire. She applied for an extension which was denied. Hope things would be okay with the extension she didn't pay attention to the fact the time passed and the denial came 4 months after her visa expired. She then got married, and her new husband gave the 'paperwork' to his cousin help with. He didn't. 5 years later, in 2011 she filed for divorce, and returned to Thailand to visit her family. Please, no criticism folks. Some people are just very trusting of others. She trusted the wrong people. I've know her before she first came over with her Thai b/f and now after all these years we have fallen in love. So, as of tonight, my plan is go there and get married in Bangkok. Then, we'll see what happens next. And I really don't want to live in Thailand - first I recently adopted a Samoyed puppy and I'm not going to give him up. And I prefer living in a colder climate. I enjoy traveling in Asia, but no thanks. I'll live in California. Next step - speak to an Attorney, I presume.
  2. IrvineCAGuy

    10 Year Visa Ban

    She is a girl-friend. We've been friends for 15 years so it was just a term. We're in love and plan to stay together if I don't get too old before she can be granted a Visa so we can be together.
  3. IrvineCAGuy

    10 Year Visa Ban

    Thailand. I didn't update my profile from the last 'one' who decided NOT to move to USA after getting green card. Go Figure.
  4. My dear friend of 15 years accepted my marriage proposal. I'm excited. I visit every year from USA to Thailand to see her, other friends. She lived in the USA for several years, and managed to get caught in a visa overstay situation (she moved and the mail did not get to her). So she has been banned from reentering the USA for 10 years. It's been nearly 6 years into that ban. The question is: if I go to Thailand to get married, will she be able to now get a spouse visa? Or will the ban prevent her, as my wife, from getting a Visa to USA? And if so, can I/she petition the ban? It was not her fault she overstayed (by a few months).