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  1. My mom just had her biometrics done and the status on both I-485 and I-130 changed to “Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS”. We applied On July 20 and our office is in Chicago
  2. Hi everybody! I filed for AOS of my mother (from B visa, overstayed for almost a decade). The package was delivered to Chicago lockbox on 7/20. Yesterday (7/22) she got the text messages with case numbers. We sent two checks, however neither of them has been cashed yet, afaik. Let’s hope it’s a smooth and fast process!
  3. The reason why I’m thinking about attaching the marriage certificate is because her maiden name, not her married last name, is listed on my birth certificate
  4. Hi all, I’m putting together all supporting documents for my mom’s AOS and I’m wondering if we need her marriage certificate? She’s divorced but still uses my father’s last name and never changed it back to her maiden name. Do we need her marriage certificate to prove a legal name change? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Will do. I just noticed though that the I-130 form on USCIS official website is expired and there is no current version. Any ideas on what to do?
  6. Hi All! Recently I became a US citizen and I'm getting ready to file AOS for my mom, who has been living in the US undocumented since 2011. She has never left the US since. It's been a while since I applied for my AOS and I'm wondering what forms do I need to file a concurrent AOS for a parent? All guides I found are mainly for people doing AOS from K visas or for their spouses. Has anything changed since 2017? I read a while ago about a credit check form, but I'm not sure if this applies? Also, I'm planning to be her only sponsor. Thanks in advance!
  7. I had my oath yesterday in Chicago and I’m officially a citizen! Thanks all and good luck 🍀
  8. By the way, I just checked my online account and it says that the oath is scheduled! No document in the documents tab yet, though. Also, I moved within the same city last week and filed an electronic change of address. They completed the request in 3 days. So, we can conclude that moving within the same jurisdiction doesn’t affect the waiting time by much!
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