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  1. Hi! In February I entered in the US with a CR1 visa. At this moment, I had been married for more than 2 years. I've received my green card in the mail today and I'm surprised it's valid only 2 years. Isn't it a mistake? I thought that if I entered the US after my 2 year anniversary I'd be granted a 10 year green card. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your answer. I'm hoping i can reach someone at some point and set a later date with them. But since they're expecting me tomorrow I'm not sure I can talk to them by then and that's why i wanted to make sure it wouldn't have terrible consequences.
  3. Yes. And I'll go. I was just wondering if I had to right to ask for a later date, (in a few weeks or ideally in december after our 2 year anniversary) since I got less than 24 hours notice.
  4. I had my green card interview at the US embassy in Paris on October 2nd. Today, October 22nd, I received a voicemail message from them. They said they didn't get my fingerprints correctly and that I needed to come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, between 9am and 10am. I can't come, obviously. Because I work and also because I live on the other side of France. Here is my question : What happens if I don't show up on the days mentioned? Does a voicemail message has any legal value? I wasn't given any name, number or email address to reach them. I tried calling with phone numbers on the internet but nobody seemed to know with which person to put me through. Second question : We're very close to our 2nd year anniversary, in December. Would postponing the approval date allow me to get a 10 year green card? Or is it based on the date of the interview?
  5. Hi, I got notified today of my interview date in Paris. They say to bring ALL the originals documents with me. Does that include also my wife's original documents? She's in the US and sending original documents through mail is a bit stressful. Not to mention the interview is only 2 weeks away. Are all the petitioners expected to send their precious original documents though mail for the applicant's interview? Thank you!
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