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  1. Can someone travel with a patched visa if it’s still valid
  2. Hello ...please I need Your help guys.....my passport was patched by the immigration officer during the replacement of the new one ....and the valid b1/b2 visa was damaged on the process can I still travel with it or not???or should I reapply for replacement of another visa
  3. Ok will update what happens ...praying for them for things to work out for best
  4. According to my friend this is how the story started they meet in college and they started dating so on the process of dating tat when the lady got pregnant but she was not sure who the father of the kid was she therefore did not tell the guy she was pregnant ..so the guy completed his course and the lady was left in college to complete her studies from there they lost contact from each other until when at the late year when the lady had delivered and gone back to college again he meet with his friend who showed him where the guy was working ..when the lady went to see the guy he told him she had his kid and he did not let him know since she was not sure who the father was but when the kid was born he resembled him.so the guy told him they do a DNA test to confirm the truth tat when they did en confirmed it was indeed his child but the problem was at tat tym the guy had already been issued with the visa en he was leaving for USA in the next two months..so the parents of the both family had to agree the guy to get married to the lady before leaving ...so that that their story..yeah after the DNA the went to the register and took the birth cert with the guys name as the father
  5. Making the wrong box and typing the wrong dates
  6. If someone made a mistake in l 130 form and they were approved can he /she correct the mistake
  7. Oh yeah that to bad for his family because they are the ones affected the most...hope his wife will be grated the visa after the DNA results since she was honest
  8. For everyone including the others kids who were born afterwards... what if the wife applies for a DV1 a wins will that still affect their eligibility???
  9. Yeah he married the same woman but he argues he decided to marry her after they performed a DNA test to prove the kids is his... About the marriage he was not married for the whole period of Dv process until when he was given the visa .tat when he got married through civil marriage. will tat still be against him
  10. Yeah he said he had no kids since he was not sure the kid was his.the time the were both in college
  11. Yeah he had a kid and a wife but by the time of DV interview he was not officially married after he was granted the visa that when he got married to the mother of his kid and left to USA..but now he is a USA citizen and in his naturalization cert he said he is married...will this still affect his family
  12. Am so sorry I was asking because my friend was issued with one after the interview..she was told that her spouse lied to them that he was single when he had his dv1 visa interview before going to USA.but he had left child behind.but am to waiting for my interview soon and I am in the same situation...with all these waiting I feel so exhausted 😂😂😂
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