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  1. I think you should contact uscis and ask to talk with the supervisor... Mine had stayed at uscis for four months after approval... so when we contacted the nvc they told us that they had not yet received our case so we started contacting the USCIS almost every day until the finally sent the file to nvc
  2. if found guilty of lieying is that a permanent ban for us and he can be dinaturalized
  3. Ohh sorry it was dsp-122 not ds260 ..about telling the co about the kid am not sure why he did not but he said he aswered the question according to what he had filled in papers and what he was asked during the interview...yeah he is now a USA citizen and the visa is for me and the kids ...yeah he had his naturalization and he wrote the exact date the child was born and they never questioned him about it
  4. Hi guys am worried am currently waiting for my case to be processed at NVC, so my story is as follows.. My hubby won a DV lottery for 2011at that time we were not married so during his first entry he was single and no kids... Later we had a kid out of wedlock who was born before his interview... But the problem is he was not able to add him(child) to the forms before the interview since his interview letter got lost so when he contacted kcc later after waiting for so long he was told that his letter was sent long time ago and his interview had passed so he requested them for a ASAP interview since only few weeks were left before closing the DV lottery program for that year. So my question is will we be denied IR1 and IR2 visa because he did not add his child during the interview????? The kid was born after his first DV lottery entry and after ds260 filling online but before his final interview.. During his interview he was still single since we got married after his interview.. Thax guys will appreciate your advice
  5. Thax..... Am praying so to.... Sure will let you know when I call them by next week..
  6. HI... I just called them yesterday morning after which I sent the scanned approval receipt through email by afternoon,, ,,, my case was approved on Oct 2nd,,,,, nebraska service center,,,, not IOE number,,,,, so am confused what wrong for sure,,, I see others who were approved after mine have already received their case no,..
  7. Waaa I thought i was the only one who has not received the case no yet,,,,,, I called the USCIS and I was told to wait for 90 days,, that the time they usually take to transfer the case to nvc,,,,, but I also called the NVC en they said I should write to them a email with my scanned approved i130 receipt to nvc research@state.govt
  8. Hi ...mine was approved on oct 2 and still no update ...am to worried coz i thk I should have got the case no by now...
  9. Thax for the reply....your 1-130 NOA 2 is the same date as mine but unfortunately mine was processed in NSC ..but hoping for the best
  10. No update on my case tracker...have been trying to call NVC but their phone get anybody to .......it’s really frustrating
  11. Oh that was approximately 44 days from the approval date ..praying to get My case no soon🙏 ...coz it’s 43 days already from my approval date
  12. Waooo thax for the reply.....mine was approved on 02/10/19 but no update yet from NVC
  13. Congrats..please when was your case approved if you wount mind
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