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  1. Is it that she has to become a citizen within 2 years of me receiving the green card for me to qualify under that rule? I see you mentioned April 11 2020, im guessing thats not a coincidence right?
  2. I think she recently sent in the initial application for citizenship. Thanks for the information. Its always good to confirm that my wife is a know it all. 🙄😂
  3. Does my wife beconing a citizen speed up the time it will take for me to become a citizen? I was F2a, migrated April 11th 2018, have had green card 1 year. My wife thinks it will speed my process up, but i do not think so. I just cant find any evidence to prove or disprove it.
  4. In addition to all the good advice you have gotten thus far I would say to pay close attention to the questions you will be asked during the interview and the way that you answer them. I imagine when your spouse gets interviewed the interviewer will be paying attention that his answers match yours
  5. You should all start the petitions as soon as possible. If your mom,or any petitioner for a matter, does die that petition dies with them. I know a guy who got all the way through the interview process and was just left to make the trip and his mom, the petitioner, died and then he was informed that his visa was cancelled. If its a family goal to have your sister in the USA then having more than one application in isnt a bad idea.
  6. I came here for my wife and I do not have major grievances. Just a few things. Nothing that i would protest nor organize a group nor anything like that. Sometimes i feel like if i make a comment on a post or so I have to be worried that people will say oh well you dontndeserve to be here. Namely people who can actually stop me from being here. I.e. the authorities.
  7. Is it okay to be here and question somenof the government's choices and decisions? Or should i just shut my mouth and be a good immigrant?
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