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  1. Be aware that not all consulates/embassies follow the 125% of 3X/5X poverty guideline. My family of 3 showed 250K US cash and it wasn't enough. The CO asked for a joint sponsor. Since we didn't want to use a joint sponsor, we showed half a million dollars and that was ultimately accepted. They are really looking for steady, reliable petitioner US income. Hopefully your interview is at a consulate that accepts 100K.
  2. Looks like there is an embassy in Jamaica but no consulates. This makes it easy for you since there is only one. The address is 142 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 Jamaica, West Indies.
  3. It's not asking about whether the spouse/child will travel to the US. It is asking if they are immigrating to the US. Since a person cannot immigrate to a country they are a citizen of, the answer to both questions is 'no'.
  4. Yes I included 12 months of statements Interesting how none of the other VJers mentioned this. I'm not sure if the CO made a mistake or not. That is good advice We brought a document that we had that only is given to homeowners when there is no mortgage. I'm not sure what you would use for US real estate, sorry.
  5. We got an appraisal and a document that showed no mortgage. I originally thought they wouldn’t count it since it was foreign real estate, but I was wrong since they accepted it. we didn’t provide any documents to show that we could sell it and send the cash to the US, since I guess that’s understood.
  6. The final I-864 that was accepted had US bank account funds (from original I-864) & foreign real estate value.
  7. The first one was the one I uploaded to CEAC, it wasn’t updated. I brought two new I-864s to the interview - one with the joint sponsor and one with my US bank account funds and spouses real estate
  8. The third I-864 was just mine, no joint sponsor. I didn’t include real estate on the first one because I thought the US cash would be enough. Apparently, I was wrong, but planned ahead and brought it to the interview. We are a family of 3 BTW
  9. My spouse had her interview in Guangzhou China. The original I-864 that we submitted to NVC listed only assets with no US based income as we were both working in China at the time, making RMB. Our assets showed roughly $260K, mostly cash and mostly all in USD. At my spouses interview, this I-864 was immediately denied since the interviewer wanted to see US income. Since we thought this would happen, we had a back up I-864 to provide with a joint sponsor with retirement income, well above the guideline - Which was proved by their benefits papers from the government. The interviewer also denied the joint sponsor’s I-864 because the tax return showed a negative number for total income. luckily, we had a third I-864(just mine, no joint sponsor) that showed Chinese real estate in my spouse’s name - all totaling assets over 500k and this was ultimately accepted. (Joint sponsor’s wasn’t taken) hard to believe all of this, I know. But I thought I would share my story to help out a bit. Thanks guys.
  10. You can check my timeline. I think I waited about a month to hear back from NVC after my paperwork was accepted with my interview date. Then my interview date was about a month after that. My spouse had an IR1 visa, so the nvc scheduled it for me.
  11. I kept the same I-864 with the Chinese income and everything was accepted. I made it clear in a letter that the income was not going to continue once I entered the US. I also uploaded evidence of income for the Chinese job (employment letter, contract) and a statement stating I did not have W2s since I didn't earn USD.
  12. They should take care of it within 60 days. But I've seen a 5 months wait before from another poster here on VJ. It all depends, you could get lucky and have them issue the visa within a week or two. The best advice I have to give, if it means anything, if you are submitting your docs to the consulate directly, follow up a week later with a phone call. You can also use this website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV to check the status update on the actual visa application. You can also use this website https://www.ustraveldocs.com/do/do-niv-passporttrack.asp#PassportTrackingOptions . Go to the bottom of the page, you have a couple of options to track the location of your passport once it is issued. Your visa application isn't denied, it's just refused right now.
  13. It turns out the status was an error. So if this happens to other people, don't worry, just call the consulate. It might be an error for you as well.
  14. Hey everyone I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same situation as me. UStraveldocs.com says the status of the passport is 'Ready for Pickup' but I signed up for it to be mailed to our house. Has this happened to anyone else?
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