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  1. posted this on previous page Had my interview on oct24 in fed plaza. Got a letter at the end to allow 120 days for decision to be made. Since then no updates online (still says interview scheduled). Anyone still waiting after their interview? Also im filing under f2b but yeah it's been almost 3 months post interview with no updates. i opened SR online but no officer assigned to it. i also did an infopass at fed plaza and did case inquiry. got the receipt in mail that they got it. once my wait reaches 4 months i'll call uscis and try to talk to tier 2 as well as contact congressman to inquire on my behalf.
  2. anyone still waiting for decision after their interview?
  3. Had my interview on oct24 in fed plaza. Got a letter at the end to allow 120 days for decision to be made. Since then no updates online (still says interview scheduled). Anyone still waiting after their interview?
  4. it could be time needed for additional background checks or ongoing background check. that what i've read on i_m_m_i_h_e_l_p forum as i myself also assumed that the background check would be completed prior to the interview. i don't think acceptance is guaranteed unless approved on the spot at the time of the interview. the wait is definitely something that takes toll on the applicants throughout the whole aos period.
  5. from what i remember the questions were: what do i do for living, if im single (F2B category), if i ever left US since entering and then yes/no questions from i485 form. interview lasted probably 20 mins and for the most part IO was looking through my file. it's the standard letter for people who don't get approved on the spot. it says that the'll make a decision within 120 days and if not you need to call them. IO said they need this time to perform more background checks. almost 3 weeks after my interview. still waiting.
  6. im adjusting under 245i as a grandfathered derivative of lab cert petition filed by my father in 2001. here's my timeline FILING FROM NY FILING UNDER F2B 245i PD 05/2017 9/30/2016 I-693 MEDICAL EXAM 11/17/2016 AOS PACKET MAILED OUT VIA USPS PRIORITY (I-485, I-485 SUPA, I-765, I-131) FILED USING EARLY DATES 11/21/2016 AOS PACKET DELIVERED TO USCIS 11/25/2016 I-485, I-485 SUPA CHECKS CASHED 11/26/2016 3 EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS (3 CASE #s) 12/2/2016 3 NOAs IN MAIL (I-485, I-765, I-131) 12/9/2016 BIOMETRICS APPOINTMENT NOTICE 12/23/2016 BIOMETRICS APPOINTMENT DATE (COMPLETED) 2/7/2017 EAD SR (77 DAYS SINCE 11/21/2016) 2/16/2017 SR EMAIL RESPONSE. CASE UNDER REVIEW 2/21/2017 EAD CARD IN PRODUCTION 2/24/2017 EAD CARD MAILED OUT 2/28/2017 RECEIVED EAD/AP COMBO CARD (99 DAYS FROM FILING) 6/18/2017 I-485 SR RAISED - NO RESPONSE FOR 60 DAYS 8/7/2017 I-485 SR #2 RAISED 8/16/2017 I-485 SR #2 REPLY AOS APPLICATION IS PENDING AN INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT 9/18/2017 I-485 INTERVIEW SCHEDULED ON 10/24/2017 EMAIL NOTICE + NOA IN MAIL 9/29/2017 I-693 MEDICAL EXAM UPDATED 10/24/2017 I-485 INTERVIEW i was given "please wait 120 days for decision" letter after the interview was completed. nothing yet
  7. it didn't state that in the email or NOA. i just assumed i might get asked or RFEd after interview for an updated one. i also believe the gonorrhea and updated forms were release after my medical exam date (9/30/2016). so i'm thinking about just doing another one to be on the safe side. i'd hate to do it and not being asked for it just as much as getting RFEd for it.
  8. nope filing from an overstayed B2 under 245i. check my signature for details
  9. got an email today 9/18/2017 that may interview was scheduled for 10/24/2017. NY Fed Plaza field office. Waiting for official NOA. Also have to redo my medical since i did the initial one almost a year ago so it'll be 3 weeks expires on the interview date.
  10. it's best if you specify your local office. some get interview letters faster than others. i have the same PD as you but in NY which is pretty slow. Expecting to get notified in the next month or two.
  11. approved before end of April 2001 NY or CT.
  12. im F2B category with PD SEP29 2010 which became current about 60 days ago, however i filed early on 11/17/2016. Does my wait time start from the filing or PD becoming current ? Basically NBC should send it to local office as soon as it is current since I already got EAD/AP?
  13. i filed for AOS under 245i grandfathered under labor cert filed by now LPR father. got my ead/ap and now waiting for interview notice. it's a long wait in ny as well as across the states.
  14. Hi I filed on 11/17/2016 PACKET recieved on 11/21/2016 by USCIS. My PD is SEPTEMBER 29,2010 so filed early based on the early filing dates. Filing from NY (field office is Federal Plaza). Per my sig i already received the EAD/AP but I have not heard anything on I-485 progress, still saying fingerprint fee received (191 days from early filing - around 60+ from PD becoming current) Reading this thread this means that my I-485 didn't leave the NBC yet for my local field office. Do processing time counter start from PD or from the time I filed?