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  1. Well the jce guy in this small town said Birth certificate Passport Single status affidavit But my gfs friends dad who used to work for gov in Dr mentioned police record plus rest that I mentioned.
  2. Forgot to mention I am USA resident.i am trying to see if I can get single status affidavit plus police record from California here in Dominican republic.
  3. Has anyone gotten single status affidavit in us embassy of Santo Domingo?
  4. Chene

    Marriage question

    I will be using joint sponser.its going to be my older sister.
  5. Chene

    Marriage question

    Oh wow it's a bit complicated.we have family business and they pay me in cash.the only thing I can think of is just online purchases with my bank plus maybe call the schools I been to to see if they have records of me attending there 🤔
  6. Chene

    Marriage question

    Also been in Dominican republic since November of 2019 but leaving this month.
  7. Chene

    Marriage question

    Yea I am preparing for crba form.yea born in USA.in a couple of days it'll be 40 years😁 in 2018/2019 I was in Haiti for 3 months.2017 in Dr 13 days.2018 Dr about 10 days.
  8. Chene

    Marriage question

    Just read about crba.seems like a hassle 👀. Do online purchases from eBay, Amazon,etc count? Since they delivered to the house.
  9. Chene

    Marriage question

    Interesting.i been in USA all my life.going to need to dig up some school records
  10. Chene

    Marriage question

    Does anyone know if us embassy in Dominican republic allow joint sponser for cr1?
  11. Chene

    Marriage question

    Thank you so much guys
  12. Chene

    Marriage question

    I forgot to mention.she gives birth in November.do I need to marry her in the Dr so the baby can get usa citizen?🙈
  13. Chene

    Marriage question

    I can't marry her in dr right now.i need to go back to USA to county office and reprint my birth certificate.old birth certificate is old and a bit wrinkled.get police record report.(I have nothing cept ticket for drinking in public)plus get single status affidavit paper.i guess it's easier to just go back home n fill in the k1.il be back in 4 months.
  14. Chene

    Marriage question

    So basically leave the Dr marriage alone n go for the USA k1 visa marriage correct?
  15. So I been in Dominican republic 9 months so far.planning on going home to California end of july.k1 visa question.is it highly recommended to marry her in Dr to include marriage papers with the k1 visa form?my plan is to go home n send in the k1 visa form in the mail then in November come back to Dr and marry her in nov.what do you guys think?
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