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  1. for question "what is your current immigration status?" i click on 'conditional pernament reident"? and "why are you applying to replace your pernament resident card/?" i click "my current card is incorrect becuase of a department of homeland security (dhs) error?
  2. * Go to SSA to get your green card Did you mean ssa card? She already has the SSA card. * Apply for ACA health care if you need health insurance. I got her on the covered California health insurance
  3. On her passport it shows officer stamped the Sept 9 2022 arrival and he put ir1 underneath.
  4. Date of marriage Sept 3 2020 - in dominican republic Date we entered USA Sept 9 2022 She received gc Dec 10 2022 but we didn't open envelope untill Feb 9 2023.lost mail.
  5. Update: I called USCIS.lady told me the permanent resident card is not the green card and that I have to file i485.im so confused lol
  6. So in Sept 3 2020 I married my wife in dominican republic.july 7 2022 interview approved.sept 9 2022 we arrive in USA.immigration at airport Miami said 10 year gc was gonna be given.dec 10 2022 gc arrives but I don't receive it until today.it shows as cr1 and expires 9/9/2024.any ideas?
  7. Like a month n half,I don't remember exactly but it's been a while.
  8. Thx for the help guys,I just panicked a little.i thought of I don't pay attention I would have to fill in application or something if it goes months lol
  9. I am ir1,got confused.i Google searched "how long it takes for green card to arrive" says about 3 months then contact USCIS.the reason I asked is because someone who did case after me got green card in month and a half.same country
  10. Interview was in early July,paid fees next day after interview,we arrived in USA Sept 9.only gotten the social security number but no green card yet.google says it takes around 3 months,so wait untill dec to call? Cr1 10 year gc
  11. SO 1st officer in the checkout window said no go on the 2vyear anniversary thing,I wasn't surprised he said that due to alot of people mentioning some officers don't really know much.they take us to a room and we wait maybe 15-20 minutes.officer #2 said cr1 changed to ir1.i explained plus gave him marriage certificate from dominican republic plus translation page of marriage certificate.thx all for the help.journey was about 28 months due to some of it due to the covid shutdown.
  12. I noticed u mentioned luggages.were these check in luggages? I have only traveled check ins n carry on going into Dominican republic and check ins luggages are automatically at the airport in dominican republic.someone mentioned that I pickup the check in luggages in Miami airport.so I pickup check in luggage before getting into the line?
  13. Ok wow nice,part of me thinks I should have paid that fee once in usa😬.thanks all for the help
  14. They start the GC process once my wife checks into the US? Or did they process it once I paid the usis fee ($220)
  15. Well different people online told me different things.one said to go one week from Sept 3 just to be sure,a different person told me to bring marriage certificate to explain that we get the 10 year GC.i ordered flight like a month ago for 3 seats together.me,baby n wife.
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