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  1. Hi everyone! Just a brief update: After receiving an RFE for the I-693 on June 24, I redid the exam and sent it back to USCIS. Today my case was approved 🥳
  2. The DMV here in Miami indeed insisted that the names on SS card and Combo Card were the same in order to issue me a DL - despite marriage certificate. I actually went to the Social Security Administration right after our wedding and had them issue me a new card (and then actually checked “no” on my I-765/I-485 applications when they asked if I needed a new one). If she doesn’t want to wait any longer maybe she could just go by the SSA and get it changed herself?😊
  3. Thank you! Yes, later on May 14 the status changed to “card was picked up by USPS” and showed a tracking number
  4. Brief update: just received my combo card in the mail! 🥳 April 25: approval notice under documents tab May 14: status changed to card produced May 16: card was delivered
  5. What evidence are they asking for if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. Hey! Neither of these codes is correct. Technically, you could put (a)(6) since you entered on a K-1. That work permit would only be valid for the 90 days until your K-1 expires though. If you’re currently adjusting status from a K-1, you should be putting (c)(9). That application will be based on your pending I-485 and valid until approved. You can find a detailed explanation of all codes in the instructions for Form I-765.
  7. Yay, it looks like they've been approving quite a few combo cards for applications filed in early February - so happy for everyone! 🥳
  8. My documents tab is now also showing the approval notice for EAD and AP - can’t believe it 🙏
  9. I’m really hoping for a combo card! Please post any update you receive. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hi everyone! I just logged into myUSCIS and noticed that it says “case closed” for the I-131! Don’t want to get too excited but hopefully that means my application is moving forward 🙏
  11. I was surprised too! When getting the marriage license I asked them how long we would have to wait for the marriage certificate and that's when they told us we would be able to take it home the same day if we did it there. It is issued by the county, signed by the deputy clerk who did the ceremony with us. They also explained that the long waiting time mostly happens because of how long it takes couples to hand in the marriage license after their ceremony and mailing times. Once they receive it, they register it in the county records and that is done very quickly. Sorry, if I'm not using 100% correct terms, I hope you understand what I'm saying 🙂
  12. Hi! We got married in Miami in January. There was several options for locations to get married at. We ended up getting married directly at the Marriage License Bureau which was not particularly beautiful - but we did receive the marriage certificate right there and then! I requested some certified copies a little later and those arrived within a couple days in the mail! Maybe you could check if that same option exists in your city/county 😊
  13. It's the same for us! No movement since the Biometrics appointment.
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