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  1. yea i'm worried since we have no record of the medical exam. we will take the vaccination here its not a problem but the DC3025 is worrying me since we have no copies of it
  2. I figured the Vaccine process and the civil surgeon made it easy by requesting 2 vaccines and he will do the 1-693 my worries now is about the DS3025 since we didn't get it at the medical exam or POE.
  3. No was told to take the vaccination here for whatever reason !!
  4. thats bad news bc the officer did not hand my fiance anything.
  5. could anyone please tell me how you got the Copy of DS-3025 ?? my fiance did not get anything from the clinic where she did her medical exam. thank you
  6. No copies unfortunately. I believe the medical exam was inside the envelope giving to the officer at Port of entry.
  7. Hello, My wife entered the united states under k1 visa and while she was completing the medical exam overseas , she was told to take the vaccination when she arrive to the united states. Now I'm kinda confused because we have no record of her finishing her medical exam and I'm not sure what kind of vaccination she needs to take. any advise will be appreciated . thank you
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