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  1. GM. Briefly about the case... In August I have submitted I130 and I485 for reunion with my Mum while she was already in US on her B2 visa. In a month USCIS called her for biometrics. In December they requested additional paperwork from me(petitioner) and also missing medical examination which we had sent withing 2 weeks after the request. It's been 2,5 months already since our last communication with USCIS and so far no any update. Guys, do you know what the next step might be and how long should we wait till we get at least travel documents? Thank you in advance
  2. Good evening everyone. I applied I485 for my mum in August 2019 and after asking by USCIS to send additional paperwork and med exam, i was wondering if i can apply for any insurance for mum due to current situation with Corona virus. Under description of insurance for visitors there is a note that US green card holders can not apply. Can anybody recommend anything in worse case scenario? Thank you...
  3. Guys, my mum needs to send I 693 in order to get a green card. We have found some doctors in NY area who can provide that service. However, the problem is that she does not have any record of all vaccinations from the past. How does it work? Will she be requited to get them (vaccines) done all at once or doctor can fill that form just from our words?
  4. Good evening. I filled a petition and adjustment of status for my mum who was currently in US in August 2019. In a month she was called for biometrics and today Dec.23 we got a request to send I-+693 (Medical examination and vaccination). I was under impression that USCIS should send a list of med.facilities which perform necessary services and fill that form? And it should be free of charge as part of the I485 package. Am I right?
  5. I thought i didn't make sence to do that as I485 adj.of status is/was pending. This card allows you to travel abroad or not?
  6. Dear friend, I hope anybody went through the same process... In August 2019 I applied I-130 and I-485 together for my mum (Family ReUnion). She had entered US in April with her B2 visa and after 3 months we have decided that she needs to stay with me and apply for a green card here in US. In couple of weeks she got her biometrics appointment which she had passed successfully. Does anybody know what is the next step of the process??? Can she apply for Work Authorization or is it too early since her I485 hasn't been approved yet??? I've heard it can be from 10 to 23 months till the next step...
  7. Guys, i am currently doing apostilla on my birth certificate to show a relative connection with my mum. Will i need to send a copy of my original paper with a copy of apostilla or it should be a copy (of my b/c) with original apostilla ? What is a proper way???
  8. Guys, Does anybody have a full list of documents i need to submit for bringing my mum? Just want to be prepared to everything possible ... thanks in advance
  9. You are right. Its not a job. I meant to spend time with me and her grand daughter.
  10. Last question. My mum is coming in April to babysit with our baby. She will stay no more than 5 months. Can i start I130 application in advance or she has to leave the country first ?
  11. Confusing. According to uscis.gov i can do it while is in US. I definitely don't want to look it as fraud. Thanks for your time
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