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    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    Okay my last post. He and I went to a HS football game tonight. I asked him what he had planned to do if she had gotten here. He said they were going to get married and then adjust status. I asked him if he had talked to an attorney or researched whether he could do this or not. He had not talked to anyone and just assumed he could do it. I pointed out this could be considered immigration fraud. He spent years working in Africa and the ME where such immigration problems could be resolved with money. I guess he thought he could do this here. I asked him what he is going to do now? K-1 or CR-1. He thought either would not take long. Of course we know its not a quick process. I dont know anything about CR-1 visas but dont you have to prove its a legitimate marriage. On K-1 of course one has to prove a legitimate relationship. But this is typical. He wont listen to anyone.

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    I think that's what his plans are.

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    I think this week he was headed over to the Chinese Consulate on Montrose Ave. to get a visa. I guess he is going over there. Dont know what his plans are when he gets there.

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    Thanks this evolved way beyond my original post

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    What happened is she had two big bags. Something she said made them suspicious. They searched everything and found birth certificate. When questioned about that and why she was coming here she mentioned my friend. They called him on his cell and asked what their relationship was. Well he couldnt really lie. So she was gone.

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    As the original OP i finally got to look at this(our virus scanners at work block us from using forum software). Anyway this whole thing was typical for him. Try to cut a corner to save a buck. His GF probably now has a big black mark in her file. I would imagine a K1 would get super scrutinized. As an aside my wife came here 30 years ago on a K1. We tried no shortcuts. Never had any trouble. Her grand nephew wanted to come here a few years ago and play HS soccer. I vetoed any tourist visas. He had to go thru an exchange student program. Despite the cost it all worked out. He was only here a semester but played HS soccer, got second team all-district and the team went to the regional semis. All done correctly, You hit the nail on the head

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    He and I have known each other pushing 50 years. I didn't know she was trying this until the other day. Was really stupid in my opinion(and I told him so). She was in the US last year as a tourist. I guess they figured she could just use that and come. I told him what she was doing was immigration fraud. He blew me off.

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    His ex wife maybe 15 years ago. She came but marriage did not last

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    thanks for input. This is the way he operates on everything. Always trying a shortcut. Having all ready applied for a K1 he should have known better

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    Not different girls. Just other unrelated stuff. He had to go to a wedding in Australia. Booked a 35 minute connection in SFO because it was cheap. Of course there was a ground hold in Houston due to thunderstorms and he missed his connection thereby costing him a night in a hotel plus losing one night of a prepaid hotel in Sydney. But he was proud of saving a few bucks on the flight.
  11. this weekend my good friends girl friend from China(who had a tourist visa) attempted to enter the US at SFO airport after a flight from China. Her luggage was searched and they found her chinese birth certificate along with a certified English translation. They asked a lot of questions called my friend who said he knew her. Anyway she was denied entry. tourist visa cancelled and she was returned to China. I am not surprised. I told him he needed to get a K-1. But he is always trying stuff like this. Now she wants him to come to China and marry her and then go for spousal visa.

    How to marry in texas

    When we got married in Houston in 1988 all they asked for was an ID. I had a DL and she had a passport. 72 hour waiting period though which is still in effect,

    Mother-in-law financially challenged for visa.

    As an observation my SIL comes here once every year and a half or so from Brazil and stays for a month. Has she ever had trouble getting a visa in the 30 years her sister has lived here. No. Has she ever overstayed. No. She is a self employed psycholgist. They see her comings and goings and there is no problem. Her husband comes less frequently. He has never had a problem. The one time he came he was the press secretary for a Brazilian Cabinet Minister. The US Immigration guy was impressed. He didnt use his official passport as it was a personal trip.
  14. Although it was 30 years ago someone suggested we do some sort of marriage in Brazil before she left for US on K1. Although I am not an attorney I knew this was not a good idea. Sure enough when they did the AOS interviews they asked this exact question. Like I told them I can read the forms(remember no internet then). We got married at JP court and then registered marriage at Brazilian Consulate to get passport in new name. We followed the rules to a T and no issues. Like I said we can have a big party next time there but no preliminary marriages.

    Will expecting a baby increase chances of acceptance?

    Not sure what you mean by "green card process". You either get married and go for a CR1 or you file for a K1. He doesnt get a green card because his American girlfriend is pregnant. My nephews wife's sister got PG in Botswana with a local while living there temporarily(nephews wife is a US diplomat). The local thought that was a path to a GC. Not so.