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  1. Ohh Lawfully Case Tracker is fine! My case status is also Fingerprint Received. I meant to say was my case- SRC has no progress. It was Fingerprint Received since April 2019. I submitted my packet in august 2018. It looks like I havent heard anyone from here who got an approval with the service center in Texas
  2. I use Lawfully Case Tracker. Mine is SRC is 11 months already but no progress
  3. It looks like SRC (TEXAS SERVICE CENTER) is slow I applied in August 2018. 11 months already but no progress in my case.
  4. You can check my AOS Timeline in my profile here. I think it took 4 months for me to received my 2 yr Green Card. No interview as well! You will get your EAD first before the GC.
  5. 😫😫😫 same here! They said the processing timeline here in FL is between 15-19 months! They waived my biometrics. How about yours? I hope we hear back from them soon! And when did you file?
  6. My case is 11 months already but no progress yet. My service center is in Texas. I called USCIS today and they said that in florida, they are processing December 2017 filers. I filed in August 2018. Status as of today since april 2019 is Finger Print Review was completed.
  7. Yes Yes! Just bring your NOA1 or NOA2.
  8. May I know the documents you sent to them? Do you have a cover letter so we can see what did you submit?
  9. April 19 - letter received from USCIS stating they will use my previous biometric
  10. My status since august 2018 is still the same. Anyone here the same? “We received your file, you dont have to do anything..”
  11. I am not sure but you probably received a second copy of your NOA. Some of the people here received 4-5 copies of their NOA. Check again the first NOA you received, if the letter stating this is
  12. Yap! I just got mine TODAY! And I also have STAMPED on my passport.
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