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  1. Hello All. We're looking for some advice on how to change my mother-in-law status here in the US from Venezuela. In October 2021, my husband filed form I-130 for his mom's permanent residency, and we've been waiting for it to get approved since then. In late November of this year, his mom entered the US under Venezuelan humanitarian parole, however, today we received notice that the I-130 was approved. Now we are trying to figure out what we need to do for her to adjust status. Do we need to file the I-485 with any other paperwork? Also, do we need to contact NVC to have them send the case back to USCIS for processing? Finally, I've noticed processing times for EAD/AP are at six plus months for AOS, however, under humanitarian parole, it appears approvals are happening within six weeks. Is it easier to just apply for those under humanitarian parole first before submitting I-485, or just have all paperwork submitted with the I-485 for simplicity sake? Thanks!
  2. Update everyone; my husband's friend made it to his layover safely and is on his last flight to Seattle. He said going through customs/immigration in Dallas was pretty easy. He was only asked maybe 2 or 3 questions, and waited maybe an hour or so. So pretty good experience for him! Unfortunately the same cannot be same for my brother and mother in law. They're currently stuck in Bogota for two weeks because MIL did not have an approved vaccine. They tried to show Colombian staff there that the notice states she can travel even with the unapproved vaccine, she would just restart the series here, but the staff was not having it, and they were denied boarding 😡. MIL is going to try and get Moderna today, and we'll count 14 days from today. So if you're traveling through Colombia, please make sure you have an approved vaccine, otherwise you WILL be denied boarding, despite what the I-134 says. I'll update again once they're able to board in a few weeks.
  3. Hey all, my in laws and friend will make their flights to the U.S. a little after midnight, so I'll post with an update on questions they were asked. Just a heads up, if anyone takes a bus into Colombia, makes sure you receive a stamp in your passport; my in laws were not allowed to board their Cucuta - Bogota flight without it, and had to return to the border to get it.
  4. Ahhhh I see! Yeah, I was wondering if the 24,000 was based on the amount of travel authorizations they issued, or the I-134s they approved. It would be nice if they could clarify 😣 I read an article somewhere saying USCIS approved like 7,500 so far but only a little over 100 Venezuelans have arrived using the travel authorization. But again, I don’t know if that 7,500 are the travel authorizations or the I-134s only. Edit: I see 7,500 sponsor applications have been submitted, a few hundred of those have been approved.
  5. Check out this link! It’s for the Uniting for Ukraine thread, but there quite a few comments about people’s experiences at the port of entry. You can start at page 11 for those.
  6. On the travel authorization, it doesn’t state what spot number you’ve secured. It only states that you’ve been approved for travel and to be prepared to show the authorization on your account. You also need to make sure you meet the requirements to board the aircraft. One thing I want to point out, the travel authorization does state that you are REQUIRED to enter the US via commercial air, otherwise you’ll be denied.
  7. I think a one-way ticket would be fine! There's a thread I've been reading for people that applied to Uniting for Ukraine, and it seems quite a few entered on one-way tickets with no issues.
  8. I bet! I'd probably be scared myself 🤣 but now that you have a the travel authorization, at least you have a bit of time to figure things out! The friend is travelling from Bogota to Seattle, but he'll have a layover......somewhere lol probably Miami. Mom and brother will make a similar journey, but they'll have to take a bus from their city in Venezuela to Bogota in addition.
  9. Thanks, you too!! Do you have a date set to enter the US? We're hoping things get finalized soon so they can come before Thanksgiving.
  10. We filed for my husband's friend, brother, and mom 10/18. The I-134s were approved 10/19, and the friend's travel authorization was also issued 10/19. However, there's an error with the mom and brothers' A-numbers, so we've been waiting since Thursday for a callback from USCIS. I ended up submitting new I-134s on Friday (10/21) in the hopes that maybe they'll just issue new A-numbers?!? Fingers crossed.
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