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  1. Hey everybody 👋🏽 We ended up sending the letters of intent AS SOON as you told us to, and we think they got them as we got our NOA2, and not RFE! 🤩 Thank you all! 🙏🏼
  2. Hi 👋🏽 Our NOA1 is September 1st, and we got our NOA2 on August 17th. Hopefully you can all get it soon!
  3. Thank you so much! Every Sunday, me and my fiancé used to look forward to those estimates, so looking forward to it getting fixed
  4. Hi, hope you’re all doing well! Do you know why I stopped getting Weekly Approval Estimates? I don’t understand what’s going on, as the setting is even “enabled”.
  5. OMG, thank you so much. It’s such a relief to read this. I really appreciate it. We already did everything, and are going to send it tomorrow first hour.
  6. Yes, thank you so much. We appreciate it. We have explained the vendors our situation, and are actually getting those who are more flexible with the dates.
  7. Great, I didn’t know this. I’m sorry. We already did exactly as you told us, and are sending the letters tomorrow. Hopefully, it’ll work!
  8. Thanks again, I’ll tell my fiancé who is the US citizen to do it right away.
  9. I’ll definitely. Me and my fiancé already talked about it, and we said we’re going to do the rest of the process, if hopefully we get approved, by ourselves with the help of this site, which I can see it’s incredibly helpful. And, I do agree with you. Lawyers do love making mistakes only to get paid more, but we thought this guy was going to be different. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it! We’ll be moving forward with it. Do you know if they send a notice of receipt? Just to kind of have an idea with what to expect. Also, should we also send with it our wedding venue receipt, or something like that? We didn’t send it with the i-129 F as we hadn’t done it yet, but we already booked a venue.
  11. Great, should we address the whole i-129 F application, or only both letters?
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