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  1. Thank you for sharing the information you've got. I've used chatgpt last night and I've mentioned the Kiwisaver provider I am with. 😁 It said that I don't need to file form 3520/3520A for individual contributions since Kiwisaver accounts are not classified as foreign trusts for individual contributors. If you are an individual contributing to your on Kiwisaver account, primary reporting will be Form 8938 (if you exceed the threshold) and FBA (if you exceed the threshold of $10k usd) But what is confusing is that Kiwisaver has 3 parts, individual contribution, employer's contribution and government. What should be declared on those forms? The total amount of those 3? And I read something online that if individual contribution is higher than the employer's contribution it is considered as non-guarantor trust and be required to file 3520A and Form8938 (if exceeds 100k threshold)
  2. Couldn't find much about kiwisaver declaration on US tax filing. Based on my research there are some forms that are required Form 3520/3520A and/or Form 8938. But those forms are very confusing. Has anyone successfully declared their kiwisaver on US taxes? Thanks!
  3. Finally, the long wait is over. Just received our IL 20mins ago. Scheduled on 06-Oct. 🥳
  4. Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since someone posted in here. I hope everyone is doing well.☺️ Just a quick update for those who are waiting for an IL like me. Just hang on tight, we’re almost there. A colleague of my friend applied for L1B visa (working visa) a month ago and received the IL last weekend (24-Jun) and the interview is set on 06-Sep. I think working visa interviews are being prioritized, but i also believe that they are starting to release schedules for September. Having said that, we might be getting the letters soon. ☺️ Goodluck to all of us.
  5. Congrats to everyone who have completed the interview. ☺️ Not sure if anyone is on the same boat with me. I got DQ'd last 20-Apr but have not receive any interview schedule yet. I was hoping I will get June schedule but it looks like that is not possible anymore. With the upcoming FIFA World Women's cup, it seems that it will be a long wait for me
  6. Hi, i am not sure of the process for getting a police clearance if the person is no longer living in nz. I just submitted the section 14 vetting form and once they've completed it they directly sent it to US consulate. You may check on this link: https://www.police.govt.nz/advice-services/businesses-and-organisations/nz-police-vetting-service/vetting-process-visas/advice?nondesktop
  7. I’ve been following this page for along time now. I’ve been DQ’ed last 20-Apr-23 and still waiting for the IL. I was looking on the news on the US Consulate NZ website. I want to share what I found so that people waiting for interview schedules will know what to expect. I found out that they won’t do interviews on July and August. Reference: https://nz.usembassy.gov/plan-ahead-apply-now/
  8. We submitted our documents last 07-Apr and just got DQ'd yesterday, 20-Apr. I got worried because alot of people were posting about getting their NZ police cert being rejected. Luckily, on our first submission everything went well. What we did for the nz police cert is that we marked it as not available, and put the following comment that I got from here, " New Zealand police department will send the information directly to the US Consulate in Auckland, who will then send it to NVC"
  9. Just want to share the good news I got DQ'd on our first submission, 04/20. We received 2 emails, one for the change of status of the case and one for the DQ'd. @AhmadHamouda DQ means documentarily qualified, it means NVC have reviewed and accepted all the documents you have provided. The next step is for them to sent the case to the US consulate and schedule interview. The fee is $445 (AOS: $120 IV processing: $325) Goodluck to everyone!
  10. Hi, can you also please add me on the list? We submitted last 4/7: CR-1. Thank you! 🙂
  11. Just want to share that we got our approval as well after 365 days from potomac. 🙂 PD: 29 March 2022
  12. Last sat (25-Feb) our processing time is 4 weeks and when we checked yesterday (28-Feb) its showing 3 weeks. Then early this morning, we received an email from USCIS that they have change our address already. I guess Potomac is already looking our case, hoping to hear some good news soon. Btw, our PD is 29-Mar2022
  13. Congrats to you both!!! 🤗 Finally seeing March filers getting approvals from Potomac. We've checked our processing time earlier and its now showing 4 weeks from 2months last 21-Feb Hope that next step for you guys is way faster than the i130 approval timeline. Goodluck guys! ☺️
  14. My partner called USCIS to get any updates. and this is what we got so far. There is no updates whatsoever on the 1-130. It has not been assigned to anyone at Potomac. Processing time for that application is on or by June 30, 2023. The I-129F (K3) should be processed by March 2, 2023. It was looked at on 12/20/2022.. Also, the change of address should have only taken 30 days. If we don't receive any correspondence that they've changed petitioner address, it could potentially cause a delay to the processing of the I-130 if in case they need to mail something. Change of address form has also NOT been assigned to anyone. Filing dates: (both are in potomac) 1-130: 29-Mar-2022 K3: 10-May-2022 Change of Address: Jan-2023 Anyone has similar experience? Don't know what to expect at this point. The processing dates they mentioned are the case inquiry dates! What I am curious about is the 12/20/2022 that the agent said that someone has looked into the K3 already.
  15. No updates on mine too. Frustration is starting to kick in. I'll be flying to the US next week to see and spend the holidays with my partner for a few weeks. But i hope, we hear from USCIS soon. Its very difficult to be away from my wife and living our lives separately. Plus its very costly to fly in and out our countries nowadays.
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