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Found 19 results

  1. Creating this thread for all the people having interview for IR-1/CR-1 in the month of February & March 2019 at Montreal, Canada. Please reply with your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD).
  2. MK2803

    Canadian Jan 2019 Case Complete

    Hi all, I am creating this thread for all people who have Case Complete in January 2019 and waiting for interview from Montreal Consulate. Please mention your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD). In this way we can track and predict the interview dates. My timeline is below: Case Complete (CC) date: January-14-2019 Priority date (PD): April-30-208 Best Wishes to everyone. Peace! MK
  3. I've just been told something that has completely thrown me! Someone my fiance knows is looking to get married to his fiance who lives here in the US. They were talking to one another about the processes and what is to be expected. The couple was looking at the visa processes and said that it all seemed "so expensive and too long." So they told my fiance that they were going to apply for a tourist visa. Once he got here they would get married and file for AOS. Once I heard this I was shocked and angry! I told my fiance that he needed to warn them about immigration fraud and that what they were doing could do more harm than good. I know it's not my business and I shouldn't care as much as I do... but I'm shook! I'm so over people trying to look for easy ways out of an already hard process. If there were a quicker, easier, and cheaper process wouldn't we all save ourselves and time and agony of waiting around??? It's this mentality that gives couples going through K1 and IR1/CR1 Spouse Visas a bad rep. Sorry for the rant... just had to vent to someone.
  4. I know everyones case is different, wondering how long it took to get your visa once you were approved in Santo Domingo? I read some people got theirs same day, next day or had to wait severals days. Just curious to know, any input for SDO would help!
  5. Hi. Recently married and need some help on what to do next. We sent the petition using my maiden name ( dad last name) since marriage cert shows my maiden name and passport is in maiden name too. We already have noa1 and waiting for noa2. I need to know if it's best we retain my maiden name until the whole visa process is done or changing my name to my married name now would be easier in the long run. And if i do change to married name, Should i just change to married name in my passport and notify uscis ? We just don't want to cause any delays or confusion about our case.
  6. My husband I-130 was approved on May 2013 , and he have to went back to Guangzhou for interview on May 30 2018 . When interview officer said he's out of state on 2001 , but he said he never out of state. Officer said will check for that again and she kept his passport .after one week, he received email that he have to submit his few years ago trial court document, and on June 15 he already submit the document . Its been 1 month since his interview he still havent get his paspor and visa . I heard other people only neef two weeks already get visa . How long he have to wait? Is there anyway to check his visa status ? If guangzhou embassy kept his passport after interview is that means he will granted for his visa ? Because his parents so worry he wont be able come back to the state , but i told them if his case denied than he will get back his passport on the interview day .
  7. Hi I am currently on a tourist visa in India since January, and intend to be here for another two or three months. I would like to file the I-130 for my spouse. I have the following questions 1) Can I mail in the I-130 from India (to the Chicago lockbox), or should I wait until I am back in the United States to mail it in? 2) In the "physical address" section, do I need to list the India address that I am physically staying at while I am on the tourist visa as my current address since January 2018, or do I need to put my Kentucky address where I am resident? 3) If I need to put in the India address as my current address will that affect my I-130 processing in any way, or will it be processed as if I am a Kentucky resident? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am wondering how long has it been taking to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in India ? particularly at the Surat office this is for Immigrant visa for my wife , ( CR 1 ) My wife has been at the same address , never changed address, and She got her new passport ( with changed name , and including Husband's name ) about 10 months ago ) Just wondering , how long it'll take to get her PCC Certificate ? Thank you in Advance
  9. 125 days and still waiting.. share your case here november filers from tsc! Have a great day everyone! ☺️
  10. I tried to find this topic and couldn't find it anywhere. I saw in a different thread that a lot of people got their NOA 2 in January 2018. This is for all the IR-1/CR-1 applicants who got their approval of form I-130 from uscis service centers in Jan 2018 and are waiting for the NVC process to begin! Lets share our news and give each other hope and support each other! Form I-130 sent to Chicago lockbox from where ir was transferred to texas service center NOA-1 June 16, 2017 NOA-2 January 4, 2018 Called NVC today, (I knew it was a long shot but just wanted to do something rather than sitting around and waiting , for my peace of mind) the agent said it takes up to six weeks for them to receive it from the service centers and another two weeks to get a case number assigned.
  11. Hi. Anyone has his electronic case and Is waiting for his case number at NVC? My PD Is April 7 and my l130 was approved in december. My case was Sent to NVC on January 18th. I called to NVC and they said my case arrived on February 28..then they said it arrived on January 20. I'm Lost.
  12. Hello i'm Klenn a ghanaian and my spouse(petitioner) a us citizen. We got married late last year in Ghana and we plan to file for CR1 visa. Please can anyone be of help regarding the process and documents to include. Thank you
  13. Has anyone ever contacted their congressman so that the embassy could send your the instruction letter by email? How long did it take to get a response from the embassy? My congressman contacted them today.
  14. Hi , I am a US citizen married to an Indian citizen. My wife has two children from a previous marriage, 17 and 5. My wife needs to get passports issued for both children but its possible (based on our inquiries) that the Indian authorities might put her surname from her previous marriage (with the biological father of the child) in the "Mother's Name" section of the passport for one or both of the kids. She will of course update her own passport to her current surname. Could the different mother's surname in the children's passport cause any kind of problems with US immigration when I sponsor the children thru the I-130 route? Thanks!!
  15. Hi I am planning to be in India for the next 6 months since my wife is about to deliver a baby. Is it possible for me to file her (and my step children's) I 130 while I am in India? Will I need to send the paperwork in to the US or can I apply in a US consulate in India? Will my correspondence address be my India address or my US address? Thanks!
  16. Hello Guys, I just noticed that Potomac is now processing application for the month of June so I am a bit excited because I am June 16th. So I was wondering, in the event that I am approved and I want to start processing or gathering all documents needed before my approval, so as to speed up the process, can you tell me what they will need after the I130 is approved? Can I do medical and police record in advance? What documents will I have to submit to NVC? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello friends I have recently got married and my wife is a us born she came to Pakistan and we got married on her first visit ? She already sent form i130 for me in September Is there any red flag? Coz our marriage is arranged. but we both have same religion which is Islam and I belongs to Pakistan .and she is my first cousin too. We have a lot of photos with my wife and our family together to prove as a bonafide relationship. She lives in California where cousin marriage is allowed too. Please I am in stress need helpful advice coz I don’t want any delay in my case. coz I am already suffering a lot without my wife.
  18. What Happens After Filing I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions 4-12 months of waiting https://citizenpath.com/what-happens-after-filing-i-751-petition-to-remove-conditions/
  19. Hey everyone, Our case was completed on June 1, 2017. I was wondering if anyone in Egypt - whose case was completed around the same time - received anything regarding their interview date yet? Thank you. R.