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  1. We're in the same boat. DQ'd the same day and still haven't heard anything from the consulate. My wife (petitioner) has called the consulate a couple of times and they haven't been particularly helpful.
  2. Thanks @Sammy.NZ. I had tried all of the above 😰. We've called and emailed the consulate but their advice was fairly generic "here's how you get a police certificate" (which we had done), and "we've sent it to NVC - don't contact us". Very helpful. We submitted that correspondence with the "police certificate" pack, but not joy. My wife (USC) got in touch with her Senator and that seems to have helped. We received notice we're documentarily qualified this morning! Progress.
  3. Thanks @visacats, this is exactly what I did the first time I submitted documents. Including the comment about following the process, and a link to the instructions. Interesting your comment said "Not required" because I also tried submitting "Not available" to only be rejected again. My wife has contacted her Senator for help. We'll see how that goes otherwise looks like we might need to get a lawyer involved. Thats gutting, sorry. Hope it all gets resolved soon!
  4. Thanks Mike, this is what I've tried. Seems to be arbitrary if they're accepting or not. Will see if I can get a copy of the Police Cert from NVC or something.
  5. Yes, followed the instructions. Tried all the options I can find in forum topics and still no joy. The consulate have confirmation from NVC that they have received the Police certificate. That is somehow not getting to the person checking my documents. Is there anyone we can call or contact to help?
  6. I am struggling to get my New Zealand Police certificate accepted by the NVC. The New Zealand Police do not send copies to individuals, but directly to the consulate. I have tried submitting the confirmation from the Police that they have processed the request, and the confirmation from the consulate they have forwarded the certificate to the NVC but they both were rejected. Most recently said "Document not available" with a comment from this forum what has worked for someone else, still rejected. I have called and emailed the consulate, but they just tell me they've sent it to the NVC. I have submitted a public inquiry, but no response in over 2 weeks. I've tried all the different options and advice in this forum and I can't just get past this point. I'm stuck. Any help of advice of who to contact would be greatly appreciated. A 2 week feedback loop after trying different things is infuriating.
  7. Hi all, My case is currently at the NVC, trying to get DQ'd. We have filed an I-864 without a co-sponsor, but since doing so my wife's had been made redundant. We are looking at submitting a new I-864 with a co-sponsor, her sister. We have my wife's sisters latest tax transcript, and she files jointly with her husband. I have a few questions which I haven't been able to find the answer to elsewhere in this forum. - The joint sponsor's income is from her own business. Is there any additional documentation that would need to be supplied with the I-864? - The joint sponsor files her taxes jointly with her husband. Does he need to fill in a I-864A, even though she earns enough alone? My wife's original I-864 has been approved in CEAC already, we're just trying to get my police certificate approved to be DQ'd. If we submit a new I-864 after being DQ'd do we go to the back of the queue? What happens if the case has already been passed on to the consulate? I've seen elsewhere in this forum people recommending taking multiple I-864's to the interview in case the first scenario is denied. Do I just take along a different form that submitted? That sounds sketchy. Apologies for all the questions. I've really tried to find the answers myself, but this is an overwhelming process.
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