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  1. Very similar!! They are playing with peoples lives. I am wishing we get our approval soon!!!!
  2. Guys I feel you! 8/19/21 activity reviewing in December and still waiting for an approval in Potomac. I pray they will hurry up already. We are over 13 months and its still normal processing times we cant do anything until November. It’s just frustrating but praying it will be good. We seem to all be around the same week lets see how next week comes along.
  3. Are you sure its still in Texas? I was also in Texas and Emma told me Potomac.. but honestly it doesn’t even matter lets pray we get our approvals already!
  4. I thought something similar like writhin the next two weeks… im really wishing!!
  5. Hi everyone! Any updates? Im still waiting for an approval and i dont know what to do i keep checking and checking and its still the same thing!!! Still actively reviewing. August 19 2021 Potomac service center we are over a year and 2 weeks!! 12 and a half months I wish i wish i wish it will be approved already.
  6. thanks for the info! I really wish we all get approved and everything else in the process goes smoothly!!!
  7. I know it can be so frustrating but don’t worry a few of us are in the same boat and praying we will be approved soon. I am august 19 Potomac service center and waiting to be approved already! We will be approved any day now dont worry! Keep you head and spirits up! Also is there a way to check embassy interviews like how long it takes? How do you know it will take a year? Who knows it might be much quicker
  8. Wow i am so happy for you!!!! Yay!!!!!! Yes the wait is so frustrating!! Praying i see an approval this week!! I’m at 363 days Potomac service center
  9. I know i get so frustrated when i see it because its taking so long! The processing times for Potomac did say 12 months which is annoying. Lets pray we see approvals this week!
  10. August 19 2021.. Potomac needs to start moving!! Soon we will get approved i guess we need to patient although its so hard
  11. Guys i am so overwhelmed i am still waiting for the approval!! In 4 days it will be a year. I just am so tired and stressed. I keep checking because i know the approval is coming i just know it! So many of us in august have been getting approved so i am ready too!! I wish next time i check it will be approved already. Texas switched to Potomac service center.
  12. I am so happy for you!!!! Yay!!!! I’m 355 days and still waiting praying it will be approved soon!!!
  13. Guys im at 354 days and i dont understand how to handle my emotions. It’s like so frustrating! How do i handle this waiting time
  14. Yes is so frustrating!! I feel like each post i make it a venting/upsetting one and then a minute later its like lets be optimistic and positive. Lol. I think everyone in this post has all those emotions going on at once. I do wish this process was a little more gentle. Oh no i cant believe that what they implement! I really want us to be approved already. And for this group to be so positive with approvals!!
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