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  1. Jack I am in Lago Calima.win64@aol.com

  2. This used to be accomplished in less than a month with DCF This process slowed down way before covid.
  3. Visa journey has a June 22, 2022 for I-130 approval. Is there a long wait after that?
  4. My wife is a Colombian national. I am a US citizen. We are waiting for approval. After approval and we are in the US can she return to Colombia to give birth and stay a couple of months? She is not pregnant now but could be when we arrive in the US. Thanks.
  5. I mailed my I-130 form in. Does UCIS notify you when it is received?
  6. I am a petitioner US citizen living abroad. Mail takes a month or longer to arrive. Does USCIS send correspondance only by mail or by email? Can you request only email?
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