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  1. Ukhhh. Was is due to your answers? Or do you think they made the decision before the interview?
  2. Done and done. Visa in hand. Ticket to USA booked. Finally!!! Adios amigos.
  3. Saturday morning the passport will be ready for pickup. I received confirmation yesterday. What a journey this was. I pray you all get what you want and are reunited with your loved ones very soon!
  4. Inshallah! I will keep you updated. I love Jordan but I’m ready to get outttttta here!!!
  5. It was last updated on the 7th. TWO days ago. I’m going to go and check regardless.
  6. You have all the answers! It shows “ISSUED” That means I can goto aramex and get it?
  7. When should I expect a change on CEAC site? Once visa and passport are ready for pickup or before? It still shows at AMM Embassy.
  8. Allah ybarek feeki. I hope so, I’m hoping for 3 days!! Wish you all best of luck. So remember how I said we had our honeymoon right before the interview. I sent her passport via aramex and completely forgot we needed it to travel. The next day I ran around like a madman to retrieve it before it reached the embassy. It was quite the ordeal. But thank God it all worked out. She handed her passport over in person and it all worked out. We were terrified I had ruined everything. 🫠 Next stop USA!!!
  9. My wife got her approval today. She said they asked her a handful of questions. My name, my address, how we met, what I do for work and where I am currently (I was outside). She said everyone before her also got approved. The entire process took 2 hours but interview was less than 5 min.
  10. Thank you so much. I wish you the best too. You definitely seem to have everything under control. Wedding day is tomorrow. Just closed all payments and picked up my tuxedo! You’re welcome to join us if you’d like 🙂. Btw we added a second leg to the honeymoon. Sharm el Sheikh. Got an amazing deal and couldn’t say no. She’s so excited and just seeing her happy makes me feel on-top of the world.
  11. So I have everything ready. I’m taking it to aramex tomorrow inshallah. I haven’t felt nervous about anything except for this moment. It would be devastating to not get the visa on the first try. I plan to bring her home in a few weeks if it all goes well. Just to clarify, it’s RECOMMENDED but not REQUIRED to bring an extra copy of everything to the interview? Because we’re literally sending it all with aramex. I’m using this as my guide…
  12. Do you think we need to send in and upload her new Jordanian “family book” I don’t have it translated. And what about addtl evidence like pictures and chats and money transfers. Do those need to be uploaded as well? Or can we just bring them in. What do you think?
  13. My wife did her medical exam with Dr. Agnes last week. She said the Dr. was extremely friendly and seemed genuinely interested in talking and listening to her. After it was over she was not given a sealed envelope, but told the office would send everything to the embassy themselves. The rest of our documents we will be sending out tomorrow or Tuesday when I get to Amman. It will be 14 days before the interview. I made sure to bring an original birth certificate and all tax documents and W-2 and paystubs. I had to cut our honeymoon by half a day in order to get back the night before the interview otherwise we would have arrived the morning of. I was willing to take the risk but she wasn’t. 😅
  14. No you do not need to get new documents. As long as your PCC are still valid (less than 6 months old) then you will be fine with your new passport. Your new passport will have the name number as your old one.
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