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  1. That's right .. search for information as requested. Thanks and I'll be commenting.
  2. Considering that he will have medical insurance here in the USA, and just as there are many cases that only come for a treatment, I thought it could be requested that they speed up the interview since we are in the middle of the process but I do not know if they look at things that are affecting the petitioner and not the beneficiary.
  3. Expedited request for Urgent Humanitarian Reasons can be the beneficiary cancer diagnostic ? I appreciate your opinions! We are in CEAC process .
  4. Thanks for sharing your story. The costs are of course cheaper in my husband's country only that we are in a pandemic with no end date.
  5. Thank you very much for the desire to give us your opinion and with pleasure I will be sharing the results that come out to my husband and what better to have another opinion. And if, thanks to Obama, I can include him in my insurance, it is good.We are reassured to know that it will not be causal to deny the visa.
  6. I hope there is someone with a similar situation and share their experience.Thanks
  7. Thank you for your words . We are awaiting test results for the Dr to determine what we should do. We received this sad news a few days ago. We are at CEAC and submitted the sponsorship and was about to submit the DS260. Now I don’t know what to do .
  8. We are in the CEAC process. Can we continue the process or until the treatment ends?
  9. For I864 joint sponsor I uploaded US passport what document need upload for proof US domicile?
  10. Has anyone received this message from CEAC? I'm in the travel section and the system gives me this message. What should I do I have been trying to complete this form for several days.
  11. I am completing the DS260 in the travel section and it is the second time it shows this message. Does anyone know what it is due to?
  12. I was approved on June 23 and the next day my husband (beneficiary) received an email with the welcome letter .
  13. My husband spent two months in another country on vacation. Does he need a police certificate from that country?
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