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  1. IR1 for marriages of at least 2 years and CR1 for marriages of less than two years
  2. If he leaves the US now and within a year he will trigger a three-year ban. It is better to adjust status. You must have solid evidence that it is a bona fide marriage since it is a very short relationship
  3. I have a doubt. The date that USCIS received my husband's waivers was on Oct 7/2021 when requesting an expedite that was denied on 09/13/22, do they keep that date of Oct 7/21 for the normal process? Well, we are close to turning a year, what is the time they give on the page, which is 12 months, or do they leave it behind?Thanks for your opinion
  4. I understand that it is like a game that a person like this suffers from the heart, those emotions can affect a lot. Thanks for your opinion
  5. I understand that it is like a game that a person like this suffers from the heart, those emotions can affect a lot. Thanks for your opinion
  6. I received expedite request approved and next day expedite request denied, what is the reason? Which one is correct?
  7. Do you know another way to request the reference number to request expedite? I have called several times but they do not go to a representative only voice service and they do not have that option. They also says to talk to Emma but there is no option either.I appreciate it . Thanks
  8. Let me clarify I am the petitioning citizen who is going to have the surgery and my husband is the beneficiary and the pardons are for him and of course if he can be in the USA with me he will help me in the recovery from surgery also in charge of my 90-year-old parents in my charge suffering from Alzheimer's. On this base my extreme suffering.
  9. In the letter of suffering I specified my illness and having my 90-year-old parents with Alzheimer's in charge and I need help to have this surgery because I am losing mobility. I also sent evidence.
  10. The interview was in July 2021 and the waivers were received at USCIs on Oct 7/2021, completed 10 months on waiting line.
  11. I have a certificate from the orthopedic scheduling knee replacement surgery, which I need as soon as possible; They think I can apply to process my husband's permits faster. The waivers are in Nebraska, where I can apply and submit evidence. Thanks for your comments
  12. Maybe. In the interview they will know. Each case is different.
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