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  1. I have all the messages him admitting to infidelity. Yes with immigration is all about what you can prove. I'll try reaching out via text n see if he can withdraw it.
  2. You're completely right and I agree with you. The next relationship will take a while before even marriage is brought up that's for sure. Thank you for your kindness have a good day
  3. I'm not planning on doing anything with the petition,for sure I'm abandoning it. I read the beneficiary can't send a letter to withdraw it only the petitioner. We aren't talking so I can't ask him to withdraw it.
  4. @Rocio0010 No need to be judmenatal cause you do not know anythingI have been through this past months. I'm not worried about a future petition it was a simple question for knowledge sake and yeah it wasn't you,it was me. You gave you opinion all the other side comments weren't necessary thanks.
  5. Hi All, I need advise, so I discovered that my petitioner has not been honest with anything he has ever said. I have been contacted by several people about all sorts of matter about him and it has taken a toll on our relationship we decided to end it. We were in the process of waiting for NOA2, my question is if he does not withdraw the petition and if in the future I am ever petitioned will this affect the future petition? Be kind in your replies the situation is already hard as it is. Thanks
  6. Hey I have seen this happen on FB and people got back together. Don't withdraw it yet. You two need to talk first and then end it if its wat you want. Withdrawing the petition out of spite might lead to some regret. If you heard it from family members confront her with the proof and hear her side too. You might be surprised but going silent and withdrawing the petition to get back at her doesn't seem like the best idea. Just my opinion
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