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    I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco 2014-2016. We first met in August 2014 at a youth summer camp in Ighrem N’Ougdal, a small rural village in Morocco where were both working as camp counselors. We began dating shortly after and our relationship continued to blossomed over the next several years. I moved back to America to start teaching and we have maintained a long distance relationship since I left Morocco in 2016. We started the K-1 process in September 2017 and hopefully, we will be celebrating our four year anniversary together.

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  1. Hello fellow September filers, Hooray!!! We just got our update yesterday! We received an update via just got an update via https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/. The other site, such as case status check (or apps) have not updated. I had a similar problem with our K-1 updates too. Case approved: 2/14 NOA 1 Date 9/13 Case received: 9/12 We didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day but we sure celebrated this success and another stepping stone on this journey. What a great reason to celebrate! Fingers crossed for all who are still waiting, hope you receive it soon.
  2. I ended up being able to edit it so that is no longer a big deal. I am afraid my situation is still unclear because that is not the issue that I am trying to solve. Paperwork was not filed incorrectly. It was a mistake the court made due to assumptions. When we went to apply for the marriage license, they would not accept the birth certificate of my husband because his father's name (family name) wasn't was on the birth certificate. In Morocco, birth certificates don't have last names of the parents, even in the original and the translation. It will say "son of..." and then parent's first names. So they made us go to a notary (or something like that) where they just asked to see his passport and asked how to spell his father's name, not the mother's name. Their first names were on the translated document. They just naturally assumed that the same name. We did not see that this mistake was made until after the fact. Will I have a problem with this paperwork/AOS packet and should we got to the court and get it fixed before we send it in since the name on the I-129 paperwork is different than the one of the marriage certificate. Once again this is only concerning my husbands mother.
  3. Too late...I didn't think it was that personal since they were just last names. I sort of felt last names were okay to use. But thanks for the advice to use in the future. But, her name never changed, it is a mistake on the certificate. She doesn't go by any other names. The court just put the same last name because culturally, American's take the last name of the husband.
  4. Hello everyone, I am about to send in our AOS packet after the labor day holiday and I have a quick questions that I am hoping someone on this forum can answer. Yesterday, my husband and I went to pick up our certified marriage certificate and we noticed an error once we got home. My husband doesn't think it is a big deal but I wanted to double check, just in case someone else had a similar situation. Normally, in America, women take the husband's last name when they get married. In Morocco, the women keeps her maiden name and gives the husband's last name to their children. For example, my husband last name is Abouraxxxx, which is also his dad's name. On our certified marriage certificate, it says Lala Sihxx Abouraxxxx and not her maiden name, which is El Anxxx. When I submitted the K-1 visa paper, I wrote her name as Lala Sihxx El Anxxx. This is also the name that is one our AOS documents. Is this going to be a problem? Should I have them fix the marriage certificate before we send it in? Thanks again in advance! I really appreciate all the help!
  5. I believe the nonimmigrant vis a number is the 8 letter and digit combination on the lower right side of the k-1 visa.
  6. Yeah, I didn't follow that one, I followed the link that was under the guides. Thanks for directing me to this one.
  7. Thank you so much! I just access his I-94 information and I am about to print it out. Can he take this to the social security office along with the other memo and try again?
  8. What is an I-94? Is that the stamp in your passport. If that is the case, the immigration officer stamped his passport in the crease and the stamp is unclear. The Social Security Office claims that the stamp is unreadable.
  9. What do you suggest I do? Should I go the social security office with him? He even gave them that memo that was linked to the "applying for a social security card" section on visa journey.
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to this section of visa journey, my fiance and I completed the initial steps to the K-1 visa process. Now we are in the US and working towards getting a marriage license. My fiance is trying to applying for a social security card in order to apply for the marriage license. He was told today by the social security that he has to wait until we are married to apply for a social security card. Is this true? I thought because he was a K-1 visa holder, he was able to obtain a SSN. At least that is what I understood from the "applying for a social security card" section on visa journey. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  11. M+M

    Visa chances

    Hello! My fiance and I just went through the K-1 process through the Moroccan embassy and we were approved! A lot of the K-1 applications/timelines that I have been following and that have gone through the recent interview process have been approved. (4 out of 8). Just like geowrain said, the Moroccan embassy is a very difficult embassy to go through and it was very nerve racking. I know that is is benefical to have a relationship lasting longer than 1 year. They don't want to see a rushed relationship or engagement. In the end, if you have sufficient evidence of your time spent together and demonstration of sufficient contact will be helpful to your case. Feel free to messages me if you want more information.
  12. M+M


    The consulate has a copy of the I-129 petition that they review prior to the interview. Within the petition, you should have pictures or other evidence of when you guys met in person. If you provide pictures, they should have a date and a small description on the back. Even though they may not seem to look over the evidence during the interview but they definitely look over it before.
  13. Like other VJ member mentioned above, you cant apply for AOS without getting married first. Also, since you are on a student visa that expires shortly after your planned wedding date, I think that you have to go back and file the IR-1/CR-1 Spousal visa. Either way, I believe you have to return home once your visa is expired, even if you are married when the visa expires
  14. Good morning! I have wonderful news to share! My fiance and I got our approval this morning. Now we just have to wait for the visa to be issued. It almost feels surreal but then end of being part is almost near!