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  1. 09/30 Sent our packet (AOS, EAD, AP) via USPS 10/02 Mark as delivered by USPS 10/05 Payment reflected as pending on my husband’s account 10/06 Received three texts from USCIS containing case numbers PD: 10/03 State: Maryland Lockbox: Elgin Lockbox I’ll update once I get my NOA1 in the mail. Hoping I get at least my EAD soon!
  2. Hi! We sent our packet to USCIS yesterday. I know it’ll probably be received by Monday or so. @Sarge2155 I still can’t see an October 2022 AOS Filers thread. Do you know if we have one?
  3. Ahhh thanks for this! Idk why it wasn’t coming up for me initially.
  4. Hi! Lurker in this thread - I’m about to submit our AOS tomorrow (I still don’t see any September 2022 AOS filers thread so I’m here). Thanks for this! May I please know what State you’re in and the office that processed your EAD?
  5. Got approved on my interview on 07/14 and have my passport with the visa on 07/20!
  6. Oh - why do you have to wait for them? In the US Embassy in Manila, once our case is in Ready, we can set our desired scheduled for Interview. What Embassy is processing your application?
  7. I might be the only one left in this thread. But I’m so happy - our case is in transit now after being approved on October 2021.
  8. I was just about to ask the same thing. Our NOA2 is October 1st in the letter but October 4th online. It's been two months, we still haven't heard anything - no letter, no e-mail. 😕
  9. Hi everyone. I just found this thread. Going through the thread because I realized it's been a month since our NOA2 (10/01) and I haven't heard anything yet. My fiance received the NOA2 by mail on 10/13 and we haven't heard since. I'm guessing it really does depend where the beneficiary is from. We have a lot of backlog in the Philippines so we are just patiently waiting for when the next update would be.
  10. Hang in there, friend. I’ve been so discouraged too the past weeks so I was quiet here. I’m thinking the date when you received the letter could factor in too? I really tried to come up with stuff to make the USCIS work process make sense to me. We got the letter on 03/15. When did you get yours?
  11. Already did! Was the first thing I did after posting here. Thank you for the reminder 🤍
  12. Literally crying right now 😭 01/28 filer - sent an inquiry on 10/01 that our case is outside the processing time and got an e-mail today, 10/04 that we have been approved. 😭😭😭 I’m so happy!!!
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